Explore Scientific Ultra Light 10 (254/1270) Dobson Dobsonians opinie

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Explore Scientific Ultra Light 10" (254/1270) Dobson
Availability: product is not availabe at the moment - please contact us (kontakt@teleskopy.pl) in order to obtain information on availability time

Explore Scientific Ultra Light 10\" (254/1270) Dobson
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. None of the telescopes had such a radical impact on astronomy enthusiasts as Dobson's telescopes on the assembly. Before the introduction of telescopes on Dobson's assembly, the most popular were small refractors on shaky assemblies. They were good enough to show the polar regions of Mars or the rings of Saturn. Larger telescopes like Schmidt-Cassegrain were available for the few amateur night sky observants. The perfect combination of simple construction, efficiency and large aperture has made Dobson's telescopes unquestionable success. No type of telescope in this price range provides such light-gathering power as a good Dobson telescope.

Explore Scientists have designed a modern version of the classic Dobson telescope that offers the user all the benefits of this system and a number of additional features. Despite the large aperture, the telescope can be easily transported even in a small car and put together in a few moments without tools. The construction is a compromise ensuring the required rigidity at the lowest possible weight. The combination of large wheels in the height axis in combination with the modular construction makes it easy to move in the height axis even at high magnifications. 2 "eyepiece lens with reduction to 1.25" based on a gear transmission equipped with a coarse and fine focusing knob with a ratio of 1:10 ensures precise focusing.

The Explore Scientific Ultra Light 10 "telescope is a great tool for observing deep sky objects, gathering over 1,300 times more light than an eye. Details of the surface of planets and deep sky objects will be visible even to not-so-experienced observers. The globular clusters and the Moon will also provide an unforgettable experience.

Technical parameters

Optical tube
• Lens diameter: 254 mm
• focal length: 1270 mm
• luminous: f / 5
• the maximum useful magnification: 508 times
• minimal useful magnification: 42 times
• resolution: 0.55 "
• black colour
• type of assembly: Dobson

Weight: 26 kg


2 years