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Fenix WT50R
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184 EUR
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Fenix WT50R
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Fenix WT50R is an impressive searchlight emitting a total flux of 3700 lumens, having a dual light with a maximum range of 425 m, as well as fast USB-C charging, a power bank function and a battery level indicator.

The Fenix WT50R is a professional flashlight that sets new standards for portable lighting intended for law enforcement officials, search and rescue teams, security agencies and construction workers.


The flashlight is equipped with an enlarged grip, which allows for convenient carrying and use of the flashlight. The 200 mm long body is made of aviation aluminum, finished in the HAIII anodizing process, creating a durable protective coating with high scratch and abrasion resistance. The flashlight tube is completely knurled, which prevents it from slipping out of the hand in the case of a standard grip. The flashlight uses 2 LEDs operated by separate buttons.

The switch controlling the frontal light is located in the upper part of the transport handle. The lower light is activated using the round switch on the back of the flashlight.

The searchlight can be moved using a transport grip, and after attaching the included belt, also on the shoulder. The lower socket of the photographic tripod also allows you to mount the flashlight on a tripod, which is especially useful in a situation when you need a stable source of light or free hands to perform the task.

The light

The impressive parameters of the light were achieved thanks to the use of independently operated Cree XHP70.2 N4 and XP-G3 S4 LEDs. The front LED XP-G3 S4 emits a concentrated stream of 3200 lumens, with a working range of up to 424 m!

The user can choose from 5 modes: turbo 3200 lumens, high 1000 lumens, medium 350 lumens, low 50 lumens and 3200 lumens strobe. The second scattered light diode is located in the lower part of the flashlight.

This additional light source allows for accurate and wide illumination of the area on which we are moving. The driver of the smaller diode gives the user 3 modes: high 500 lumens, medium 200 lumens and low 50 lumens.

After turning on both LEDs, we get a total flux of up to 3700 lumens. Fenix WT50R set on the head with the diffused light turned on can play the role of a halogen illuminating the place of the event or the section of works.


Fenix Fenix WT50R is powered by a capacious 7.2 V lithium-ion battery ARB-L45-10400 with a capacity of 5200 mAh. This efficient power source provides nearly 5 days of continuous light in low mode (50 lumens) or 120 minutes in turbo mode (3200 lumens).

Thanks to the USB-C port with fast charging, the battery with such a large capacity can be fully charged in just 4.5 hours (5V / 3A power adapter required).

There is also a standard USB socket in the flashlight, thanks to which the Fenix WT50R can act as a backup power-bank, allowing you to quickly charge a smartphone or other device. A rubber plug protects the sockets against moisture, water and dust.

Another convenience is the accurate battery level indicator, which informs us about the charge status in real time each time the switch is pressed.

Fenix WT50R has a high IP68 protection class, therefore it is resistant to complete immersion in water (30 minutes at a depth of 2 m), dust and dirt, and a fall from a height of 1 m.

Technical parameters

• maximum luminous flux: 3700 lm
• maximum range: 425 m
• number of modes: 8
• light color: white
• body: anodized duralumin acc. To MIL-SPEC
• tightness class: IP68
• drop resistance: from a height of 1 m
• power supply: ARB-L45-10400 5200 mAh battery
• charging: USB-C port
• length: 200 mm
• head diameter: 65 mm
• weight: 742 g


60 months