Real Hunter DS508 QHD 5-20x (aka RealHunter) monoculars opinie

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Real Hunter DS508 QHD 5-20x (aka RealHunter)
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Real Hunter DS508 QHD 5-20x (aka RealHunter)
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The RealHunter DS508 digital night vision scope is a modern design, mainly for hunting applications, but it will also find interest among sports shooters or ASG fans.

A look to the future

CMOS matrix night vision devices are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the development of digital technology, they are no longer giving way to analog constructions on the photocathode, and the price-performance ratio is much ahead of them.

The RealHunter DS508 night vision viewfinder captures the image in QHD resolution (1440p), which is 4 × higher than HD. This parameter not only influences the detail and quality of the image itself, but most of all it significantly improves the view when using digital zoom.

A modern OLED screen has been implemented in the DS508, on which we can observe both in color, shades of gray and green, as in the case of classic night vision devices.

Moreover, unlike other manufacturers, the screen is so large that the manufacturer managed to obtain the effect of an image inscribed in a circle, and not - as is the case with similar designs - a rectangle.

Further than the eye can see

The DS508 riflescope in conjunction with the DS8N infrared illuminator that is invisible to the game, offers the user a range of up to 300 m.

The constant optical magnification 5 × is optimal for maintaining a useful field of view with high detail of the observed target at the same time.

In the event that a greater zoom is required, the DS508 night vision device offers 4 × digital gain, resulting in a total magnification of 20 ×.

Lightly and without sacrifices

The housing of the RealHunter sight is made of aluminum, which allows it to maintain a high resistance to external factors and at the same time low weight.

The construction meets the IP65 dust and water resistance standard

• protection against water jets (12.5 l / min) from any direction
• complete protection against dust penetration

This is an important aspect, especially in the fishery where the conditions are particularly unfavorable for electronic devices. What's more, the operation is silent, the device does not make any sounds, adjusting the focus or using the function keys takes place in complete silence.

Minimalism in Polish

We know how important is simple and intuitive operation. The DS508 sight is a minimalist product not only outside, but also inside. We have kept the number of functions to a minimum to allow you to focus only on the target.

The first configuration will take a few moments, after configuration, the viewfinder does not require any additional settings changes. The configuration itself comes down to selecting the displayed image mode (color, greyscale, green), the type of the reticle and calibrating the aiming point.

The menu has been prepared in Polish and in 10 other languages, thanks to which everyone will be able to navigate freely.

Capture emotions

One of the undeniable advantages of digital night vision is the ability to save photos and video materials. RealHunter DS508 has a microSD card slot (not included) with a capacity of no more than 64 GB, which allows you to store a large dose of captured emotions.

Moreover, the user can decide whether the target reticle, originally seen in the viewfinder, will also be applied to the recorded material.

Technical parameters

• magnification: 5x optical, 4x digital
• matrix resolution: 1440p (QHD)
• matrix sensitivity: 1x10-3 Lx
• lens: F1.3
• sharpness: 5 meters to ∞
• display: OLED 480 × 480
• distance from the eye: 50 mm
• exit diameter: 8 mm
• power supply: 3 x CR123 3 V
• working time: 4-6 hours
• microSD port: accepts cards up to 64 GB
• microUSB port: acceptance of external 5V power sources
• working temperature: -20 ° C / + 50 ° C
• water resistance: IP65
• tolerated humidity: 5% -95%
• dimensions: 280x79x72 mm
• weight: 585 g (630 g with batteries)

Technical parameters of the illuminator

• wavelength: 850 nm
• power: 1,200 mW
• number of power regulation stages: 11
• power supply: 1 x CR123 3 V
• working time: 5 hours
• operating temperature range: -30 ° C + 50 ° C
• water resistance: IP65
• tolerated humidity: 5% -95%
• dimensions: 92x41x54 mm
• weight: 145 g

Technical parameters

• Real Hunter DS508 sight
• DS8N infrared illuminator
• 4 CR123 batteries
• case


24 months