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Fenix HT18
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108 EUR
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Fenix HT18
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Fenix HT18 is a powerful hunting searchlight emitting a stream of 1500 lumens with a range of almost a kilometer, equipped with a battery level indicator, two switches and additional filters changing the color of light.

Solid aluminum construction
The flashlight tube is made of anodized aluminum A6061-T HA-III, which guarantees high durability and structural reliability. Thanks to the transverse knurling of the surface, the flashlight does not slip from the palm of the hand, and its grip is well perceptible.

The optical system is protected by a steel crown, which also allows the use of a flashlight for self-defense techniques. Despite the 68 mm head, the torch is handy and comfortable to use, its length is 184 mm, the weight with the battery is only 250 g, which is about the same as a solid hunting knife.

The battery compartment uses two springs that guarantee reliability and stability as well as resistance to recoil of hunting weapons.

Impressive range
The light source is the new generation Cree XHP35 Hi-Led diode, generating a maximum light flux of 1500 lumens for 4 hours 15 minutes (using a 21700 battery). Emitted has a cool white color, ideal for applications requiring maximum brightness.

The human eye perceives the "cold light" as stronger, which is why it works best to illuminate the area and distant objects. Significant flashlight capabilities increase the included color filters applied to the head.

The red filter is great for night operations because, unlike white light, the red stream does not blind the user, provides smooth adaptation of vision to the dark, facilitates map reading and limits our visibility.

The green filter is a proven solution for hunters, because animals usually do not react to green light, which makes it easier to approach and shoot accurately.

The flashlight uses anti-reflective glass with high light transmission and a smooth reflector. Its design means that the light beam is highly concentrated, which translates into an impressive range of 925 m!

Fenix HT18 is a reliable searchlight that very effectively illuminates the forest wall, mountainside, can also be used as a flashlight for hunting weapons.

Operating modes with easy operation
The user has 4 modes of steady light: turbo, high, medium, low and 1 flash mode: strobe.

The Fenix HT18 flashlight is equipped with two switches: main (rear) and side switches for changing modes. The main button activates the momentary light and constant light. The steel side button is responsible for changing the brightness of the light and turning on the strobe.

Thanks to the memory function, after the next activation of the flashlight, the last used light mode is automatically selected. This functionality makes the HT18 flashlight very simple and user-friendly, making it great for hunting, uniformed services and exploration.

A capacious battery with a long working life
Fenix HT18 is powered by the most capacious ARB-L21-5000U cell equipped with an innovative charging system via a USB-C port (included).

The cell when fully charged provides up to 61 hours of operation (in low mode). ARB-L21-5000U is currently the most capacious cell for powering flashlights, ensuring much longer operation and constant current efficiency.

Thanks to the advanced design and multi-level safeguards, the manufacturer guarantees up to 500 charging cycles with up to 75% capacity.

This means that the cell can be unloaded and charged every day for 1.5 years - which clearly emphasizes its quality and performance. Due to the lack of memory effect, Fenix batteries can be

An alternative to the 21700 battery is the classic 18650 cell (not included), which can also be used thanks to the use of a polymer adapter.

Battery level indicator
It is worth checking the condition of the battery during hunting, which is why the HT18 flashlight uses a low energy warning system and a simple indicator that informs the user about his condition.

The LED located in the side switch indicates the battery level for 3 seconds after activating the flashlight.

Battery level indication:
• permanent green light: 100-85%,
• flashing green light: 85-50%,
• steady red light: 50-25%,
• flashing red light: 25-1%.

Additional functions
The flashlight remembers the last brightness level used. When you turn it on again, the flashlight automatically activates in this mode (memory function). The flashlight has a high protection class IP68, and is therefore resistant to dust, dust, full water immersion at a depth of 2 m and a fall from a height of 1 m.

The manufacturer has also not forgotten about the use of overheating and reverse polarity protection and a controller with digital current regulation.

Operating modes (on a 21700 battery)

• turbo (continuous, highest): 1500 m (1 h 40 min, 925 m)
• continuous high: 500 lm (4 h 15 min, 570 m)
• continuous medium: 150 lm (20 h 15 min, 300 m)
• continuous low: 30 lm (61 h, 160 m)
• flashing / strobe: 1500 lm

Technical specifications

• maximum flow: 1500 lumens
• maximum range: 925 meters
• LED life: up to 50,000 hours
• water resistance class: IP68
• housing: anodized duralumin acc. MIL-SPEC
• power supply: 21700 x 1 (included), 18650 x 1 (not included, adapter included)
• head diameter: 68 mm
• body diameter: 26 mm
• length: 184 mm
• weight (without batteries): 220 g

Elements of the set: Fenix ARB-L21-5000 21700 5000 mAh battery, green filter, red filter, manufacturer's manual, manufacturer's warranty card, short hand band (lanyard), spare rubber switch, spare O-ring (seal)

• EAN: 6942870307213


24 months distributor warranty (PL) + 60 months manufacturer's warranty

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