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Minox ZE5,2 1-5x24 G4
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919 EUR
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Minox ZE5,2 1-5x24 G4
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Minox ZE5.2 1-5x24 G4 is an extremely light and compact cross-country telescope with a wide field of view, fiber optic aiming point and FTA system, which significantly accelerates entry into the target and shoots.

Minox ZE5.2 is a line of hunting telescopes, which uses a number of innovative solutions that increase the speed and precision of shooting both at short and long distances. The most important of them include a precise, very bright fiber optic aiming point, a new optical system with increased resolution and image contrast, and the FTA (Fast Target Acquisition) system for better visibility and, as a result, faster entry into the target.

The 30 mm tube is made of anodized aircraft aluminum, thus guaranteeing shock, recoil, corrosion and scratch resistance. Unlike inch tubes, the 30 mm tube has a larger range of adjustment of the reticle settings, in this model it is 100 cm / 100 m.

The ZE5.2 series uses a completely new optical system created by high-quality lenses, with multi-layer coverage (on all elements), thanks to which the image seen has amazing resolution and brightness.

The large distance of the exit pupil causes the shooter's eyes to remain relaxed, because they do not have to adapt to the field of view when entering the target. It also allows comfortable use of the telescope for people using corrective lenses and protects against recoil of large-caliber weapons.

The FTA (Fast Target Acquisition) system allows the shooter to quickly find and track the target even in low light conditions. Thanks to the optical system with very low aberration and high light transmission, the obtained image is contrasting, shadowless, very bright and sharp in the whole field of view. Compared to the previous generation, the vignetting (underexposure of the edges) was reduced by up to 90%.

The wide field of view (37.1-8.2 m) and the enlarged eyepiece enables dynamic entry into a moving or fixed target, shooting with open eyes and a smooth change of the target, just like using a collimator sight.

The Minox ZE5.2 1-5x24 G4 telescope uses an innovative backlit G4 reticle in the background, whose precise fiber optic aiming point is an invaluable aid when hunting or shooting on the track in low light. The brightness of the aiming dot can be adjusted in 11 ranges using the noiseless turret of the side turret.

To maximize battery life, the ZE5.2 1-5x24 G4 telescope uses an automatic switch, which after putting the weapon aside (at an angle of 45 ° or greater), placing it in a vertical position (75 ° or greater) or with no change in brightness after Turns off the backlight for 2 hours.

Covered drums with zero lock have a regulation of 10 mrad (1 cm / 100 m). Low and flat turrets provide comfortable adjustment and prevent vegetation from getting caught.

The parallax was factory set at 100 m, which is why the telescope will be perfect for both hunting and 3Gun track.

The eyepiece has an enlarged knurled ring with a pin that makes it easy to quickly change the magnification. The sealing and filling of optics with argon completely eliminates the problem of internal lens evaporation and provides resistance to rain, snow and immersion in water.

Minox ZE5.2 1-5x24 G4 in comparison to other running telescopes, undoubtedly also stands out due to its low weight (480 g) and a compact length of 285 mm.

Technical parameters

• magnification: 1-5x (variable)
• lens diameter: 24 mm
• tube diameter: 30 mm
• field of view: 37.1 - 8.2 m / 100 m
• distance from the eye: 100 mm
• parallax adjustment: none
• cross type: G4i, backlit
• turret type: covered
• gradual adjustment: 10 MOA
• length: 285 mm
• weight: 480

• included: telescope, cloth, caps, battery
• producer: Minox, Germany