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Sabre P-CL-KR-NBCF02
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price w/o VAT: 5 EUR

Sabre P-CL-KR-NBCF02
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In the opinion of many users, pepper gases from the American company Saber are the best and strongest gases available on the market. They are widely used by uniformed services around the world. The gas formulas are based on natural ingredients: black pepper and paprika, which do not cause permanent and dangerous side effects. With such gas, you can easily repel the attack of a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In addition, you will help identify the attacker because there is a dye in the gas that can be seen under UV light.

The container is housed in a plastic frame to increase resistance. To the metal ring at the bottom with the help of the attached connector we can attach the keys from the house or car - in this way a small, handy dispenser can be moved as a key ring. Thanks to its size, it will easily fit in a woman's purse or pocket.

The gas is protected against accidental spraying. To use it, you must move the fuse 45 degrees, then press it vigorously.

The gas is released as a stream, so there is no danger to the user from the so-called reverse cloud. The method of operation is based on directing the stream to the sensitive points of the opponent - eyes and nose.

Technical parameters

• concentration: 1.33% MC, 10% OC
• power: 2,000,000 SHU
• capacity: 16 ml
• range: up to 3 meters
• efficiency: approx. 25 shots
• dimensions: 87 mm x 23 mm x 23 mm
• weight: 15 g

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