Sky-Watcher MAK 127 EQ-3-2 with NEQ5 steel tripod Maksutovs opinie

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Sky-Watcher MAK 127 EQ-3-2 with NEQ5 steel tripod
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Sky-Watcher MAK 127 EQ-3-2 with NEQ5 steel tripod
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The SkyWatcher MAK127 telescope is an ideal astronomical tool for a beginner observer - a combination of a great optical tube in the Maksutov system and an EQ-3-2 paralactic assembly mounted on a stable field tripod. Great for "balcony" astronomy and for trips. Very appreciated by people watching and photographing airplanes at cruising altitudes.

Optical tube

The Maksutov optical system is one of the most valued optical constructions, widely appreciated for its mobility, ease of use and multi-functionality. It is an excellent choice of both astronomical observations, as well as earth observations and aircraft observations. Excellent optics provide an extremely sharp image throughout the field of view. The telescope consists of the meniscus correction board, the main mirror and the secondary mirror placed on the inner part of the meniscus. These telescopes have a reduced coma and show only a substantial chromatic aberration, giving very sharp and expressive images. A great advantage of the Maksutov telescopes is the compact and compact design and light weight. Due to their large focal length and low light, they are perfectly suitable for planetary observations. This type of construction works well in urban environments, where the main emphasis is on solar system objects, not on nebulae.

EQ-3-2 parallactic assembly with a steel stand 1,75 "

The EQ3-2 (CG-4) parallactic assembly receives excellent reviews and ratings from experienced observers. It is characterized by robustness, precision and stability along with a rich offer of various functions, useful for every advanced astronomer. The mounting head rests firmly on a solid, adjustable steel tripod equipped with a useful table-shelf for accessories. The built-in spirit level enables quick and easy leveling of the assembly. Precision microshot controls allow accurate, manual tracking of astral objects. The assembly mechanics of the EQ3-2 are constructed on the basis of special gears-humidifiers, which allow precise control of traffic in both the RA and DEC axes. Metal adjustment rings equipped with scale dials allow you to quickly and easily track a target according to the location coordinates.



the planet

Technical parameters

• Optical system: Maksutow - Cassegrain
• Lens diameter: 127 mm
• Focal length of the lens: 1500 mm
• Lighted: 1 / 11.8
• Switching capacity: 1,1 '
• Theoretical range: 13th magnitude
• Maximum useful magnification: 250x
• Height of the tripod [cm]: 70 - 123
• Total weight: 21 kg (24 kg originally packed)


The set includes the following accessories:

• 2 "spectacle lift with 1.25" reduction
• Glasses: Super Ploessl 25 mm (over 60x) and 10 mm (over 150x) - in 1.25 '' standard, own field of view 50 °
• Angle mirror 2 "90 ° mirrored (gives an uninverted, terrestrial image)
• Star Pointer type finder (collimator)
• EQ-3-2 paralactic assembly ? = 1.75 "
• Powerful steel stand with adjustable height


3 years


This device focuses a lot of light. Looking directly at the sun through this device can result in partial or complete loss of vision. For the observation of the Sun, we recommend the safest method of spectacle projection, that is, projecting the image of the target of our day star on a piece of paper.






Question : Will the beginner handle the submission and operation of this telescope?

Answer: For each telescope we provide a comprehensive instruction in Polish, from which the user will learn how to assemble a telescope and how to use it during observation. Customers usually do not have any problems with submitting the telescope if they only read the instructions.
A separate issue is searching for objects in the sky during the first observations. That is why we recommend educational items in the Publications section (especially maps and astronomical guides) and Stellarium: an excellent, free "planetarium" program in Polish, ideal for studying the sky and planning observations.


Question : Can a digital SLR be connected to this telescope? What accessories are needed for this?

Answer: Of course, YES, you can connect a DSLR to that and any other telescope. What you need for this is: a projection connector and a T2 ring that is specific to your DSLR (there are 5 standards for DSLRs: Canon EOS, Nikon, Olympus E, Petax K and Sony Alfa / Minolta AF). These connectors are available in our online store in the astronomical accessories department.

Question : Can a compact camera be connected to this telescope? What accessories are needed for this?

Answer: Of course you can. A suitable shelf for compact cameras can be found in the section of astronomical accessories in our online store ( universal adapter for compact digital cameras ).

Question : Can the HYBREY camera (large compact camera and SLR camera) be connected to this telescope? What accessories are needed for this?

Answer: You can make such attempts, but this is not recommended. So-called hybrids do not work well in astrophotography, because they do not have the ability to remove the lens like a SLR camera, but they have large sizes and large lenses, which makes the shelf systems ineligible, and the vignetting is large, because you can not bring the lens closer to the last optical surface of the telescope's eyepiece. We recommend buying a SLR or cheap compact.

Question : What else is worth buying for this telescope?

Answer: The presented telescope is a complete set ready to conduct astronomical observations on the first clear night. As an addition, we recommend educational publications in the first place, which will make using both the telescope and the observations themselves more conscious and simpler. In addition, it is worth considering the purchase of contrastive planetary filters and foils for the solar filter (available in the astronomical accessories department).

Question : Can this telescope be used as a spotting scope / telescope for nature?

Answer: Yes, the Maksutov (MAK) telescope offered by the telescope after using the angled connector ( included in the set ) gives an uninverted, terrestrial image. Thanks to this, this telescope can be used as a good-looking observation telescope. The Maksutov construction is practically devoid of chromatic aberration, and at the same time closed, very compact and compact (so easy to transport), known for many years from highly-regarded photographic telephoto mirrors of various brands.

Question : Can I observe both planets and nebulae through this telescope? Is this a telescope only to the city or just to the countryside?

Answer: All offered telescopes allow you to observe planets of the solar system (all) and nebulae, or more precisely galaxies, star clusters, emission nebulae etc. A separate issue is the clarity of planet surface details and the number and brightness of nebular objects. The smaller telescope has its own sky, large - its own, but we can always count on great observations of the surface structure of the Moon, Mercury and Venus, Mars shield, Jupiter belts and Jupiter's Galilean four moons, Saturn's ring and Uranus and Neptune shields. The nebular nebulae, such as the Andromeda M31 Great Nebula, the Orion Nebula M42, or the globular cluster in M13, always delight, even a small telescope will reveal several dozen of the most beautiful nebulae. In the end, the telescope after equipping it with a solar filter can be used to observe spots on the Sun's target.
There is no division into telescopes to the city and, on the other hand , recommendations are more: if the telescope is used mainly in the city, in the conditions of pollution with urban light and high instability of the atmosphere (buildings emit heat at night, warming up the air and the image begin to "float" like in hot days over a hot road!), then the achromatic refractor (lens telescope) or Maksutov (meniscus - mirror) is recommended. Our goal will be mainly planets and compact objects. In turn, in the black, rural sky, it is worth to use the Newton's (mirror) telescope with the largest possible mirror for us, because we can count on a more stable and more transparent atmosphere and great opportunities to observe nebulae.

Question : Does this telescope have a tripod / assembly included?

Answer: Of course YES, each telescope has an assembly, unless it is described as OTA ( Optical Tube Assembly ).

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