Tele Vue 2x 1,25 Barlow lens Tele Vue opinie

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Tele Vue 2x 1,25" Barlow lens
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Tele Vue 2x 1,25\" Barlow lens
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"I designed the TeleVue Barlow lens as a complement to our excellent eyeglasses, just using two elements of high quality glass to reduce the aberration to a level imperceptible even at f / 4 light. I think that for the past 15 years we have succeeded overthrow the Barlow myth as equipment that degrades the quality of images, as Terrence Dickson of Sky & Telescope said: "Technology has erased old doubts." Modern Barlow does not spoil the properties of the optical system. Everyone who thinks it is based differently. To be able to say that the negative element that corresponds optically to the Barlow lens is built into each of Nagler's spectacular glasses "- Al. Nagler

A properly designed Barlow allows for some extraordinary things: it increases magnification, reduces light, leading to good contrast in planetary observations. Properly designed for a given series of glasses, they also give the opportunity to correct some optical defects. Tele Vue lenses are coated with multilayer anti-reflective coatings, they are made of special types of glass to minimize aberration and light loss. In practice, aberrations are imperceptible even in telescopes with light f / 4. Quality TeleVue The quality of the optical system is determined by the quality of its component parts. Applying even one element with weaker parameters, we degrade automatically the ownership of the entire system. Remember what Tele Vue has designed Barlowy with the optics of the highest class. Tele Vue Barrel Lenses are tested using telescopes with light f / 4. We get a guarantee that despite the use of such an element and Tele Vue glasses, the image will remain sharp in the whole field even in very bright Newtonian telescopes.

Technical parameters

• frame: 1,25 "
• magnification: 2x

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