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Levenhuk Strike Plus 90
Availability: product is not availabe at the moment - please contact us (kontakt@teleskopy.pl) in order to obtain information on availability time

Levenhuk Strike Plus 90
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Levenhuk Strike 90 PLUS is a telescope that is great for people starting their adventure with astronomy. He is an inseparable companion of both children and their parents while learning about the universe. The setting and use of the telescope is very simple, making it ideal for amateur astronomers. The Strike 90 PLUS telescope allows you to observe the moon and its famous craters, incredible landscapes of Mars, the rings of Saturn and moons of Jupiter, as well as observing distant star clusters and nebulae.

The Levenhuk Strike 90 PLUS telescope is very easy to use. It is mounted on an azimuthal mount, which is especially beneficial for amateur astronomers, because you do not have to worry about additional alignment or calibration. The mounting is mounted on a durable and stable tripod made of steel. Attached to the telescope tube, the Red Dot finder functions as a laser pointer and makes it much easier to navigate the starry sky, and also allows you to quickly find the desired object.

Levenhuk Strike PLUS series telescopes have a high-quality optical system. The series includes a refractor and two Newton telescopes. The Levenhuk optical system used in these models is comparable to the optics used in professional telescopes. All lenses and mirrors are made of glass covered with a full, multilayered coating, thanks to which the image is extremely sharp and saturated, which is the hallmark of the Levenhuk telescopes.

The advanced set includes all the elements that make the most of the telescope's capabilities. There you will find additional accessories such as books and software that will allow you to deepen astronomical knowledge, additional glasses (including the magnifying lens) and a Zongo 20 case. The telescope is packed in a colorful box.

All this makes the Levenhuk Strike PLUS telescope ideal for a gift for amateur astronomers who will surely be fascinated by the mysteries of the universe.

Elements of the set

• Levenhuk Strike PLUS telescope on azimuth assembly
• steel tripod
• plastic focal tube 1.25 "
• glasses: H20, F6 mm
• 6.8-16 mm magnifying eyepiece
• Barlow lens 3x
• finder: Red Dot
• diagonal mirror
• "See everything!" - an astronomer's guide containing descriptions of 280 celestial bodies
• a set of posters depicting celestial bodies (Moon, Sun and other stars, Solar System)
• planisphere
• a CD with Stellarium software that will help you during astronomical observations
• compass
• Zongo 20 case
• user manual and warranty for a lifetime


lifetime manufacturer's warranty, 2-year shop warranty