Levenhuk 50L Plus 64-1280x LIME mono opinie

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Levenhuk 50L Plus 64-1280x LIME
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Levenhuk 50L Plus 64-1280x LIME
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Levenhuk 50L Plus is a simple to use and functional microscope designed for people looking for a mechanically robust and optically good "start" microscope, with a wide range of magnifications. Due to its reliability, it is particularly recommended for educational applications.


• glass optics provide a bright and sharp image
• lightweight plastic body
• large, precise focusing knob
• dual lighting system with brightness regulation: passing and reflected (upper) - reflected lighting allows viewing of non-transparent objects
• 230 V mains power supply and 2xAA batteries in the set
• a large range of magnifications: from 64x to 1280x
• stage with brackets for holding the slide with the preparation
• set included K50: five ready-made preparations (you can start observation immediately after unpacking) and preparation tools for preparing your own preparations and growing saltwater prawns, additionally school microtome, cover and guide "Unusual microscope. Microcosm study"
• a rigid plastic case included

The Levenhuk 50L microscope allows observation of simple biological preparations (plant and animal tissues), insects, minerals, plants, as well as stamps, coins, precious stones and small electronic systems.

Technical parameters

• head: monocular slanted at 45 °, rotatable 360 ••°
• Diameter of the tube: 23.2 mm
• glasses: WF 16x
• lenses: achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x
• Magnification: 64x, 160x, 640x and with Barlow: 128x, 320x, 1280x
• Barlow lens: 2x
• body: metal
• filter wheel: 6 diaphragms under the table with different apertures
• focus adjustment: macro
• lighting: LED, top / bottom with brightness adjustment
• condenser: NA 0.65
• stage: 90 x 90 mm, with clamps for fixing the preparation
• dimensions of the outer packaging (base x height): 180 × 405 × 270
• power supply: 220V 50Hz or 2 AA batteries


• ready-made preparations (5 pieces - typically: a fly leg, onion epidermis, cross-section through a cotton stem, cross-section of a pine trunk, a cross-section of a siliceous plant)
• basic glass slides (5 pieces)
• plastic box for preparations
• tweezers
• pipette
• simple manual microtome for preparing thin preparations
• a set of accessories for the preparation of an experiment with the breeding of saltwater shrimps
• anti-dust cover for the microscope
• 5 V power supply and 3 AA batteries ("sticks")
• plastic transport case


lifetime manufacturer's warranty, 2 years shop warranty







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