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Seek Thermal Compact XR Android
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Seek Thermal Compact XR Android
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Seek Thermal Compact XR Android is a portable infrared camera for an Android phone. It has a precise Thermal Sensor 206x156 sensor and a wide 36-degree field of view. Detects temperatures from -40 ° C to + 330 ° C. The XR ( Extra Range ) version detects heat from extremely long distances, ranging from a few centimeters up to 550 m. Thanks to its compact size, it is very handy. Just connect the camera to your smartphone, download the application and you can use infrared imaging technology. The camera draws power from the device and displays the image on its screen. The device works both day and night.

The set includes a waterproof case that makes it easy to carry.


Seek Thermal Compact XR Android is compatible with most of the most popular smartphones with the Android operating system (version 4.3).

Why is it worth having a thermal camera?

Thanks to thermal imaging, you can easily detect areas of excessive energy consumption in residential, service and industrial buildings as well as energy losses due to air leaks, insulation damage, inefficient HVAC systems or poor quality construction.

The thermal imaging camera Seek Thermal Compact XR Android, thanks to the detection of cold and hot areas, makes it easy to conduct a thorough inspection of the building, without having to break through the attic or under-floor space in search of air leaks and insulation breaks.

Thermal imaging allows to identify disturbances of proportions, signs of impending failure and loosened or rusty connections of electrical systems: transformers, electrical switchboards, control elements of lighting circuits. A thermal imaging camera is also useful during hunting. Thanks to the detection of heat areas, it allows tracking animals both during thick fog and in total darkness.
Also indispensable for travelers, hunters, campers, electricians, sailors, plumbers, construction engineers, architects, policemen, detectives.

Technical parameters

• bolometric sensor: 206x156
• field of view (FOV): 20 °
• range of detected temperatures: -40 ° C to + 330 ° C (from -40 ° F to + 626 ° F)
• heat detection range: from a few cm to 550 m
• shape identification range: up to approx. 150 m
• frequency of refreshment: <9 Hz
• image focus adjustment: manual
• infrared wavelength range: ? = 7.2-13 ?m
• microbolometer: VOx (Vanadium Oxide)
• color palettes: 9
• scale of displayed temperature: ° C or ° F
• thermovision tools: thermography, Hi-Low and boundary modes
• suitable for use day and night
• Ability to save: photos and video
• memory medium: write directly to the smartphone
• sharing: share directly from the mobile application to e-mail, MMS and social media
• interface: microUSB
• housing: magnesium alloy
• black colour
• a waterproof case included
• dimensions: 45x20x18 mm
• weight: 13 g


2 years

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