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Orion StarBlast 114mm AutoTracker Reflector Telescope
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Orion StarBlast 114mm AutoTracker Reflector Telescope
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Telescope Orion StarBlast 114 AutoTracker is an innovative and unprecedented device with wide possibilities. The assembly is primarily innovative. Together with the optical tube, the bright Newton 114 mm, it is a structure that combines the features of a comfortable, portable telescope for beginners, as well as a feature-rich photo stand, allowing to perform time-laps , shoot selected objects in a specific order, or even to take panoramas. In fact, it is also a computerized photographic head with precision electric drive.

The use of a telescope in astronomy

The set is a complete mirror telescope ready to carry out advanced astronomical observations with the movement of the celestial sphere.

Starblast 114 allows you to see details such as tropical stripes on Jupiter, Saturn's ring, Mercury and Venus phases, Mars surface caps, tens of nebulae, galaxies, and clusters. The telescope can be extended with further glasses and filters, significantly expanding its capabilities.

The biggest advantage of the Orion Starblast Autotracking telescope is the ability to track astronomical objects. It is an advanced system of precision stepper motors and dual axis encoders. It is able to track an astronomical object by rotating the telescope in both axes. It also has the ability to cooperate with SynScan AZ pilots, known from Dobson's large telescopes. After retrofitting the assembly with such a remote control, the user has access to a database of tens of thousands of astronomical objects, which he can independently find and observe with the help of the telescope.

Although it is a device with a guidance system and rich functions, it does not need more knowledge or skills to properly run. After leveling the telescope and entering geographic coordinates into the system, the telescope itself begins to track astronomical objects. If you've ever dreamed about observing through a telescope, but you were worried about whether you would manage, this equipment will not let you down. Another plus is the small dimensions. The telescope sits on a table and is several dozen centimeters high.

Application of Orion Starblast Autotracking in photography

Included in the set, in addition to the optical tube is also a solid mount for the camera. This mounting allows you to use the assembly as a portable, automated tripod for purely photographic and multimedia applications. One can say, therefore, that it is a computerized photographic head. Automatic editing allows you to perform timelapse, movie recording with smooth guiding, cyclical shooting of several programmed objects, and what's most interesting - panoramic shooting, including shooting 360 degrees.

The telescope enables shooting in timelapse mode. The mounting allows for a smooth and slow rotation between the 6 programmed points. Rotation can be performed at different speeds, with the highest rotation speed of 2.5 degrees per second, and at the smallest speed, the head performs a full rotation in one day.

The telescope also works well in photographing panoramas, both classically, by turning horizontally, and in parallel lanes. The procedure for preparing the assembly for panning comes down to defining the field of view of the lens and to determining the limits of rotation in the horizontal and vertical. With the appropriate setting of limits it is possible to make a full spherical panorama - the assembly will photograph all of its surroundings.

Another function is cyclical shooting of programmed objects. The assembly is able to precisely memorize the positions of 6 objects. Just point the camera towards the object, press the combination of buttons and the position of the object will be saved. When you start the cyclical shooting procedure, the camera is moved between successive positions and when you reach a certain position, it pauses briefly, and the attached cable releases the shutter of the camera. The sequence is repeated until the appropriate combination of keys is interrupted. Thanks to this solution, we can cyclically photograph several selected objects.

The Starblast Autotracking installation is equipped with a cable of the cable release in the minijack standard, 2.5mm. The cable is compatible with all Canon cameras in the three- and four-digit series (300D, 400D, 1000D, 550D, etc.). There is a possibility to use a release cable compatible with another system (available in photo stores).

The assembly is compatible with the GoTo SynScan drivers in the AZ version, identical to those used in the large GoTo Dobson. Connection of such a controller allows for automatic searching of celestial bodies using a programmed extensive database of objects.

The telescope can be mounted on a photographic tripod with a lifting capacity of approx. 10 kg through a standard photographic thread used for heads - a 3/8 "mount.

Telescope applications

the planet
star clusters

Basic technical parameters

• Optical system: Newton's headlamp
• Lens diameter: 114 mm
• Focal length of the lens: 500 mm
• Lighted: 1 / 4.4
• Figure of the main mirror: rotating paraboloid
• Material of the main mirror: soda-lime glass
• Reflecting layer: aluminum hardened with silicon dioxide
• Switching capacity: 1.02 ''
• Theoretical range: 13th magnitude
• Maximum useful magnification: 230x
• The dimensions of the base [threeship "side", cm]: 29.5 cm
• Spacing legs [max, cm]: 27 cm
• Base height [max, cm]: 40 cm
• Length of the optical tube [cm]: 41.9 cm
• Power supply: 12VDC or 8 AA batteries 1.5V
• Weight of the optical tube: 1.8 kg
• Assembly weight: 3.9 kg

Equipment (accessories included)

• 1.25 "glasses: Super 25 mm (20x) and Super 10 mm (50x)
• finder: Star Pointer EZ Finder II
• pull: 1.25 "rack & pinion
• "L" adapter with 1/4 "screw for mounting the camera
• compass
• 2.5 mm minijack cable
• smartphone adapter


12 months

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