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Xblitz GO car black box
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Xblitz GO car black box
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The route recorder, a car camera (the so-called black box) of the renowned Xblitz brand will allow you a peaceful and safe journey. You will not be surprised by any unforeseen traffic situations. Indispensable both during long holiday trips and during everyday trips to work, to move around the city safely.

Some reasons why you should have a video recorder
• evidence in case of accidents and collisions
• quick determination of the perpetrator of a road incident
• the lack of witnesses is no longer a problem
• multi-functionality: recorder, camera and camera
• possibility of recording unforeseen events

Model Xblitz GO is a novelty on the market, very good quality of recording and photos, small dimensions and excellent quality of performance make it has no competition in its price class! The highest quality materials - a glass lens and elegant aluminum finishes. Reliable and refined, very simple operation, and at the same time advanced features such as parking monitoring mode, wide angle lens 170 degrees or image recording mode 720p 60fps

Technical parameters / detailed functionalities

• high resolution video image - FULL HD 1920x1080p at 30 frames / sec, the recorded image can be conveniently played even on televisions with high image diagonal
• 60 frames / second recording mode - very smooth image when recording in HD 720p in 60fps mode, useful for recording fast, dynamic shots. Within 60 seconds, 60 frames ("moving pictures") are recorded instead of the standard 30, so that the movie can be played later in slow motion while maintaining smoothness (no "jerking" effect during playback in releasing movies recorded in 30 frames / second)
• high resolution of photos - photos can be taken in resolutions up to 16Mpx, which allows for any use (printout, event analysis, reading license plates, road signs, etc.) The maximum resolution of the photo is 4608x3456p
• HDR function ( High Dynamic Range Image ) - allows you to register images with a range of brightness (luminance), comparable to the range of brightness seen by a human
• shooting in self-timer mode - delay 2s / 5s / 10s
• shooting mode in a series - single photos or in a series of 3 photos at 1 second intervals
• WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function - thanks to the use of appropriate algorithms for analyzing the image illumination and dynamic change of the value of underexposed and illuminated pixels of recorded scenes in order to reveal underexposed elements in the image. Thanks to this, we have the ability to accurately record the scene in spite of the high contrast.
• MOV video format H264 - advanced video coding system that maintains high quality of recordings with high file compression
• wide angle lens - an angle of view of up to 170 degrees allows you to record a wider perspective in front of the vehicle mask, the glass lens ensures excellent image quality
• night mode of the IR LED - the camera has a mode for driving (registering) at night or at low light levels
• power connector built into the handle - the camera has an extremely convenient fastening system for the vehicle window; a strong suction cup allows for reliable and durable camera installation in the car; additionally the bracket has been equipped with a mini USB connection that powers the camera - it allows for permanent connection of the power supply to the handles instead of directly to the camera; therefore getting off the car you can immediately take the recorder out of the holder with one hand, without the need to unplug the power plug
• built-in microphone - very sensitive, it records the sound inside the car, you can turn off the sound recording function
• built-in loudspeaker - sound signaling of pressed keys, playback of recorded movies with sound
• cyclical recording - one of the main and most important features of car DVRs, switching on this function allows you to set the length of recorded individual video materials (1min, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min); disabling this option will cause continuous recording of video material (not recommended), however, please note that the maximum movie length is limited by the size of the 2GB file resulting from the file format limitations
• type of supported memory cards - Trans Flash ie popular micro SD cards also used in mobile phones; It is recommended to use class 10 cards, the maximum supported capacity is up to 64GB
• long recording time - the size of a 3 minute movie is about 300 MB at maximum resolution and recording with sound. On a 64 GB card, you can save about 10 hours of video in the highest quality; in other words, when recording in the loop (overwriting the oldest recordings), the user always has the last 10 hours of driving
• motion detection - the camera in standby mode analyzes the image and if it detects a sudden image change (i.e., motion), it starts recording, which continues until the motion stops, plus a few seconds
• automatic start of recording - the recorder starts automatically and starts recording when the car ignition is switched on, and automatically turns off after switching off the ignition (with a few seconds delay); the recorder must be connected to the cigarette lighter socket at all times, and the cigarette lighter socket must be powered when the ignition is switched on
• built-in battery - used internal battery (not replaceable) has a small capacity, it is used to provide power for a few minutes after switching off the ignition
• G-sensor - it is a gravity sensor, it is used to detect collision or sudden braking. In this situation, the recorder will automatically protect the currently recorded file so that it is not overwritten or accidentally deleted
• SOS function - automatic protection of the currently recorded file against overwriting or accidental deletion, activated by pressing the appropriate key
• parking monitoring mode - the recorder in standby mode in the parked car, when the impact is detected (adjustable sensitivity), the camera starts recording
• digital zoom - 4x digital zoom in the image while recording
• materials - high quality, durable and resistant plastic, metal inserts, aluminum finish


2 years

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