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Baader Hyperion Clickstop ZOOM 8-24 MARK IV eyepiece
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Baader Hyperion Clickstop ZOOM 8-24 MARK IV eyepiece
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The fourth generation of the well-known and highly-valued zoom eyepiece from the Baader Planetarium Hyperion series. Although the zoom optics are generally not perceived as the best quality optics, the Hyperion Universal 8-24 mm zoom lens breaks the usual opinion that the zoom must be worse than the fixed focal length.

Baader Hyperion Zoom glasses are the highest quality optical glass, perfectly polished to the highest German standards and carefully arranged in a configuration that gives a perfectly flat, completely sharp field of view throughout the focal range. Highest performance multilayer Phantom Group Coatings and careful blackening of the center of the housing allows you to achieve great contrast images of the Moon and planets, guarantee neutral coloring of images during daytime observations and ensure the best possible transmission of light during distant observations nebulae and galaxies. A large distance from the exit lagoon, which is well controlled from 8 to 24 mm, means that along with the regulated shells in the standard, observation with this eyepiece is pure pleasure.

The work of the zoom mechanism is silky smooth in the whole range, also at low temperatures, and the thought-out design ensures that sand and water do not get into the housing for a long period of intensive use. Clicklock settings for specific focal lengths: 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 mm allow for an intuitive orientation regarding the applied zoom, without the need to take the eye off the observed image. The careful, precise mechanical and optical design guarantees that these zoom glasses can also be used in binocular observations without any problems.

The new, fourth generation of Baader Hyperion Universal Zoom 8-24 mm glasses is primarily important changes from the point of view of binocular observation:

• lower weight - the eyepiece weighs only 290 g
• reduced diameter - only 55 mm at the widest point
• special grooves to prevent the sleeve from slipping out - innovation in relation to a conventional incision
• SCT 2 "thread allowing direct coupling of the eyepiece with systems equipped with this type of thread
• cover made of durable material

The excellent, proven optics of the previous model remain unchanged.

Okader Baader Hyperion ZOOM 8-24 ClickStop with Phantom MC coatings is a very advanced and refined optical system, with very carefully made mechanics. Enabling a smooth change in image magnification, replacing several high-end fixed-focal length goggles. This eyepiece has a Click-Stop function for focal lengths of 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 mm, as well as a smooth adjustment of the focal length between the above mentioned. This is the perfect solution for people who value comfort of observation, because there is no need to replace the glasses when we want to change the magnification, and the smooth change of the focal length takes place by turning the ring.

The Hyperion 8-24 eyepieces are particularly well-suited for ZRT, Zeiss, and Acuter telescopes and, of course, in all astronomical telescopes. This eyepiece as the only one on the market can be connected to Celestron, Ultima, Regal and Regal M2, Celestron Trailseeker and Acuter scopes (all models of both brands, 65, 80, 100 mm, angular and straight). For example, in the Acuter 20-60x80 and Celestron Ultima 20-60x80 telescopes we get a sharp image from 7 m to infinity.

Technical parameters

• Focal length: 8-24 mm
• Focal settings: ClickStop on 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 mm
• Own field of view: 68,5-49 °
• The distance of the output pupil: 12-15 mm
• Diameter of binding: 2 ", 1.25", SCT and for Celestron / Acuter telescopes
• Anti-reflective layers: PMC
• Construction: 7 elements
• Diameter (maximum): 55 mm
• Weight: 290 g


2 years

(note: in the pictures below is the MK3 version, in the pictures above - MK4, the functionalities below are the same for MK3 and MK4)

(Hyperion eyepiece at the telescope, 1.25 ")

(Hyperion eyepiece in the telescope, 2 ")

(Hyperion eyepiece in the Acuter 80 telescope)

(Hyperion eyepiece in the Acuter 80 telescope)

(Hyperion eyepiece in Celestron Ultima 65)

(Hyperion eyepiece in Celestron Ultima 65)

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