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Bresser Full HD USB camera for telescopes and microscopes
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60 EUR
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Bresser Full HD USB camera for telescopes and microscopes
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The Bresser 2 MPix Full HD camera is a modern device that allows you to take photos of microscopic objects and objects in the sky. All you need to do is place the camera in the microscope tube or telescope eyepiece and connect it via the USB port to the computer in order to enjoy colorful images of microscopic images or objects in the sky. Bresser camera is equipped with a high resolution 1920x1080 pixels (Full HD) sensor.

It complies with the UVC standard for Microsoft operating systems, enabling data transfer to a computer via the interface in real time, without the need for drivers.

Equipped with the camera there are adapters of various diameters allowing the camera to be placed in various types of microscopes and in the telescope.

Equipped also with the CamLabLite program, which allows you to take photos and later their processing consisting of, among others, on zooming, framing, changing contrast and sharpness.

Advanced program features allow you to stitch photos into panoramic layouts, sharpen details as a result of combining multiple images into one (EDF - Extended Depth of Focus) and mapping the darkest details and details in a single photo (HDR - High Dynamic Range). Thanks to these functions, the recorded images will be an excellent representation of the viewing objects.

The CamLabLite program also gives you the possibility to perform geometric measurements of fragments of viewed objects.

The 2.0 MPix Bresser camera together with the provided software can be used in schools at work and at home.

Basic features

- eyepiece camera with a metal body
- 1920 x 1080 resolution Pixeli, Full HD (2 Mpix)
- 23.2 mm cylinder with integrated UV / IR blocking filter
- adapters for various microscopes (30.0 and 30.5 mm) and a telescope with a diameter of 1.25 "(31.7 mm)
- simple and quick installation
- simple installation of the eyepiece in the tube or eyepiece
- connect to the computer via the USB port
- program for service in Polish
- the ability to register images in the form of graphic and movie files
- measurement and counting functions
- light selection mode - automatic and manual
- white balance selection mode - automatic and manual
- advanced functions for stitching and folding photos
- available speeds / resolutions:
1920x1080 25 fps, 224027kb / s
1280x1024 30fps, 14331kb / s
1280x720 30fps, 9926kb / s

Technical parameters

- USB 2.0 camera
- 1920 x 1080 resolution Pixeli, Full HD
- magnification - about 15x
- UVC standard
- image format: jpg, bmp, tif, png
- video format: wmv, H264, avi

System requirements

- operating system - Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
- internal memory - at least 1GB RAM
- free disk space - at least 2GB
- USB 2.0 port


- Full HD camera
- 30 mm adapter
- 30.5 mm adapter
- 1.25 "adapter (31.7 mm)
- software on a CD
- USB cable


2 years

below - photos taken with the Spinor Optics 400 XSP48 microscope and a Bresser camera with 2 megapixels USB; preparations - selected Levenhuk biological preparations; click to view the full-resolution image

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