Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope ( 08968) Newtonians opinie

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Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope (#08968)
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Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope (#08968)
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Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss D - a powerful Newton with a diameter of 16 inches (406 mm) with a GOTO system with a base of over 42,000 objects, easy to transport even in a small car

• "lifelong" telescope
• a powerful mirror with huge observation possibilities
• special mirror coverage with a reflection coefficient of 94%
• despite the huge size, both the tube and assembly can be divided into elements that fit in any typical car - without the need for tools
• the encoder system allows you to manually move the telescope without losing the telescope's orientation relative to the stars

The telescope is equipped with the SynScan AZ driver allowing to set the telescope to any side of the sky in an extremely simple way and automatically search for objects from the database built into the remote control. The user-friendly menu allows you to quickly select one of the 4,2900 objects stored in the system's memory, and after selecting the guidance system will set the selected object in the field of view of the telescope. Thanks to the use of special encoders, it is possible to manually rotate the telescope without the need to reset the GOTO system. The telescope is a great combination of the advantages of large Dobson with the convenience of the GOTO telescope.

Observations of the telescope

A telescope with the diameter of a main mirror equal to 16 inches (more than 40 cm) in the world of amateur instruments is practically the largest equipment available to astronomy lovers - larger instruments are rather stationary, require a permanent observation deck and dome, moreover they are beyond the reach of financial possibilities.

The telescope so big allows you to conduct the most advanced visual observations available to amateur observations. It is difficult to enumerate all the observation possibilities - let us list only the most important ones:

• craters on the moon, shadows on impact craters, unprecedented detail and plasticity
• Mercury and Venus phases, Venus belts with good atmospheric stability
• ice caps on Mars are perfectly visible (it is worth buying red, orange, yellow filters)
• structure of Jupiter belts - both "tropical" and circumpolar, the Great Red Spot, four Jovian moons, the shadows of moons on the surface of the Jupiter's shield
• Saturn ring with Cassini break and Encke break, belts, ring shadow on the planet's face
• Uranus and Neptune shields, certain structures in the atmosphere of these planets
• asteroids
• comets - ice solids that travel through our solar system - the telescope can serve as a powerful "comet finder"
• hundreds of double stars, multiple stars and variable stars, including observations about scientific values
• several thousand Deep Sky objects, including all from the Messier catalog, as well as the majority of NGC, IC and the Caldwell catalog; it is difficult to calculate, because it is not yet a Quantity On, but The quality of the obtained images - Bed ? so visible open clusters, such as a crib in Cancer, high or chi in the Perseus cluster of Ptolemy in Scorpio, globular cluster (M13 smashed to 1 / 2 diameters for single stars, or M53 in Berenice's Warkocz), gas and dust nebulae (perfectly visible M42 structure in Orion, North America in Łabędziu), galaxies (M31 in Andromeda with two satellite galaxies, i.e. M32 and M110) as well as Veil in Łabędza or the famous Ring (M57) in Lutnia and much, much more.


the planet
star clusters

Technical parameters

• optical system: Newton's reflector
• Diameter of the mirror: 406 mm
• focal length: 1800 mm
• luminous: f / 4.4
• figure of the mirror: rotating paraboloid
• optics class: diffraction limited
• reflective layer: aluminum + silicon dioxide
• glass used: glass with low thermal expansion
• mirror assembly: 91 mm
• constriction in diameter: 22%
• obstruction to the surface: 5%
• resolution: 0.29 seconds of arc
• minimal useful magnification: 58x
• maximum useful magnification: 800x
• star range: 15.7 mag
• glasses in the set: DeepView 28.0 mm (2 "), Plossl 12.5 mm (1.25"); magnifications of 64x and 144x, respectively
• finder: EZ Finder II (collimator)
• Extract: 2 "Crayford with planetary micro / macro gear with 1.25" adapter
• assembly: Dobson with GOTO with a base of over 42,000 objects
• power supply: 12 V DC, positive pole on "pin"
• setting wheels: electronic, via the remote control
• available ports: RS-232
• Possibility of working in GOTO or AutoTracking mode
• tube material: steel
• assembly material: wood
• a cable for carrying out software updates in the set
• the tube and the base are folded for easier transport
• height of the lift above the ground when pointing to zenith: 183 cm
• tube weight: 40.8 kg
• assembly weight: 47.7
• weight of the ready-made kit for observation: 88.5 kg

Elements of the set

• lower section of XX16g optical tube
• upper section of XX16g optical tube
• protective covers - one for each section
• DeepView 28 mm, 2 "eyepiece
• sleeve / adapter for 2 "glasses
• 12,5 mm 1,25 "ploessl eyepiece with illuminated cross
• EZ Finder II collimator sight
• collimation cap (pinhole collimator)
• shelf for glasses
• 2 screws 20 mm, black, for attaching the glasses shelf
• a set of hexagonal keys
• tube connector
• SynScan AZ GoTo remote control
• cable for SynScan remote control (spiral)
• cable for connecting the motor in azimuth
• 12 V DC power cord
• RS-232 cable to the computer
• holder for the remote control with 2 fastening screws
• three screws that fix the counterweight
• parabolic mirror with frame
• three collimation screws
• three washers 3/4 "
• three springs
• four pairs of truss pipes
• Dobson's base with GOTO with installed engines
• two handles to carry the base
• 9 counterweights, 2.2 lbs / 1 kg each

Transport dimensions

• Box 1: 14,5 kg, 55x29x55 cm, mirror
• Box 2: 15,7 kg, 20x32x111 cm, truss pipes and counterweights
• Box 3: 27,5 kg, 70x23x86 cm, side panels of the mount
• Box 4: 27 kg, 61x70x94 cm, tube
• Box 5: 36 kgs, 94x25x94 cm, base


1 year

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