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Nayvis FNA-051 1x with IRL
Availability: this product is currently unavailable

Nayvis FNA-051 1x with IRL
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Here's the latest Nayvis FNA-051 - the first lens cap with a built-in laser porthole!

Engineers from Nayvis have already accustomed us to extraordinary designs, richly equipped, strongly distinguishable from the competition and it is no different in the case of the latest FNA-051.

The first thing that draws attention is the weight - 630 grams net, in a device without a shadow of plastic, made entirely of aluminum and glass is a really good result. Immediately after that we will notice how small this overlay is - only 197 mm long and 80 mm high. The whole gives the impression of a compact and light construction.

But getting to the bottom - most importantly, the FNA-051 night vision overlay has been hidden inside:
• generation II + transducer
• built-in invisible for animals laser 850 nm illuminator with SMART IRL function
• high-quality ten-element optical system
• maintenance-free reset mechanism
• electronic control system connected to the control panel

The user, with an efficient II + generation system available, can afford free and comfortable observation of targets at a distance of up to 350 meters with a magnification of up to 8x. The picture itself is contrasting, full of details and details, presented in accordance with the latest trends - in black and white shades.

The built-in laser illuminator is an element that the Nayvis brand has already accustomed us to. Used here is the popular NL8540 with invisible length of the wavelength (? = 850 nm) equipped with SMART IRL system with 3-degree brightness and beam regulation. We will definitely appreciate its possession in situations when natural light is not enough.

Classically, Nayvis focuses on simplicity of use. An electronic control system based on just two buttons was given to the user's hand:
ON - switch on and off the device
IR - laser illuminator switch and switch, SMART IRL system - each time the light button is pressed down, the emitter power changes

The current status of the operation of the cap informs us of two control diodes placed in front of the operator. We left the best at the end - Nayvis FNA-051 is a real richness of additions and versatility of use!
In the factory set we will get:
• up to two adapters for the telescope - thanks to the extensive FNA-051 reduction kit, we can mount on lenses with an external diameter from 45 to unprecedented 65 mm!
• observation adapter - screwed on the FNA-051 thread transforms it into a fully operational night vision monocular

It is difficult to overestimate the presence of 3 different adapters in the factory set. Thanks to them, we will not only easily adjust our cap to almost every available hunting spot on the market, but also without difficulty, at any chosen moment we will transform our cap into an ultra-efficient night vision device.

Mounting to the objective lens of a telescope, which is what the Nayvis FNA-051 night vision sight has been created for, does not interfere with the sharpness of the crosses. In addition, the cover is resistant to large calibres and does not affect the position of the aiming point.

Technical parameters

• transducer: generation II + (EPM221) with filter, image in black and white (ONYX)
• image resolution: not less than 45 l / mm
• magnification: 1x
• sharpness: from 10 m to infinity
• range: up to 350 meters
• Illuminator: built-in, 850 nm with 35 mW power with the SMART IRL system
• compatibility with magnifications up to 8x
• zero correction: ? 10 MOA
• power supply: CR123 battery
• length: 197 mm
• height: 80 mm
• weight: 620 grams

Elements of the set

• Nayvis FNA-051 night vision cap
• adapter with a maximum adaptation of 67 mm (without reduction)
• adapter with maximum adaptation up to 52 mm (without reduction)
• 8 plastic reductions for adapters for a telescope
• field observation adapter
• 2 x lens / eyepiece lens
• Cordura case
• CR123 battery


24 months

Additional photos


Question : What is the difference between the 1 and 2 generation night vision devices? I want to buy a night vision device, but I would like to learn more about night vision technology.

Answer: See advice on night vision

Question : Can this monocular be combined with a telescope?

Answer: Yes, this is a night vision stretcher, including a set of reductions for the telescope.