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Nikon LRF Forestry Pro
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Nikon LRF Forestry Pro
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Forestry Pro is a modernized model of the Forestry 550 laser rangefinder. This widely used and praised laser rangefinder, in order to meet the market demands, now offers a three-point measurement. The newly added feature allows the user to get the height of the tree, even when the top or base of the tree is covered by branches or bushes that prevent the use of a conventional height measurement in which the laser beam must have access to these places.


• Three-point measurement function: the height of the tree is calculated based on the horizontal distance of the vertical and vertical to the top and base of the tree.
• Easy operation allows measuring real distance, horizontal distance and altitude.
• The system of switching the priorities of objects offers two modes of distance measurement:
- the second-priority priority mode allows you to display the distance of the furthest object based on multiple results obtained during one measurement
- foreground priority mode allows you to display the distance of the nearest object based on multiple results obtained during one measurement.
• The results are displayed on the internal and external LCD display; an external display shows all results simultaneously.
• High quality 6x monocular with multilayer coating provides a bright image.
• A large offset of the exit pupil ensures excellent visibility even for those wearing glasses.
• Measuring the distance of different objects in up to 20 seconds by pressing and holding the button.
• Watertight construction (1 m deep for 10 minutes), though not designed for underwater use; the battery compartment is waterproof.
• Measuring range: 10 - 500 m

Technical data

• Measuring range Distance: 10-500 m (* 304.5 m) Angle: ? 89 °
• Displaying distances: [Internal display] Act (actual distance): every 0.5 m (less than 100 m) every 1.0 m (100 m and above) Hor (horizontal distance) and Hgt (altitude): every 0.2 m (less than 100 m). every 1.0 m (100 m and above) Ang (angle): every 0.1 ° (below 10 °) every 1.0 ° (10 ° and above) * Lower angular deviation from the horizontal line: as "-"
[External display] Act (actual distance): every 0.5 m, Hor (horizontal distance) and Hgt (altitude): every 0.2 m Ang (angle): every 0, 1 °

• Viewfinder magnification (x): 6
• Effective lens diameter (mm): 21
• The actual viewfinder area of ••the viewfinder (°): 6.0
• Viewfinder of the viewfinder (mm): 3.5
• Retracting the viewfinder exit pointer (mm): 18.2
• Dimensions (length x height x width) (mm): 130 x 69 x 45
• Weight (g): 210
• Power supply 1 x CR2 lithium battery (3 V) Automatic power off function available (after approx. 30 s)
• Safety Safety: 1M laser product (EN / IEC60825-1: 2007)
• Electromagnetic compatibility: FCC Part 15 SubPartB, Class B, EU: Compliant with EMC, AS / NZS, VCCI, Class B standards
• Environmental regulations: RoHS compliant device, WEEE

The appearance of the internal display

1. real distance (linear), 2. horizontal distance, 3. altitude, 4. altitude between two points, 5. three-point measurement, 6. measurement unit (meters / yards), 7. sign sighting, 8. laser beam designation, 9. battery condition, 10. long-range priority operation mode, 11. first target priority mode, 12th angle, 13th distance.

The appearance of the internal display

1. measuring unit (meters / yards / feet), 2. height, 3. actual distance (linear), 4. horizontal distance, 5. angle Measurement example: three-point measurement of the object's height

In the three-point measurement, the internal display shows the height between points 2 and 3, while on the external one there are given Hgt (2) and Ang (2). More information about the measurements in the manual attached to the rangefinder.

Measurement example: two-point measurement of the object's height

An example of a two-point measurement. More information in the manual provided with the rangefinder.