Pulsar Forward DFA75 night vision + 10x eyepiece monoculars opinie

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Pulsar Forward DFA75 night vision + 10x eyepiece
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Pulsar Forward DFA75 night vision + 10x eyepiece
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Pulsar Forward DFA75 is the first digital night vision cap on our market for use with day and night telescopes with 42, 50 and 56 mm lenses. The Pulsar Forward DFA75 can be used to connect not only sighted sights, binoculars, binoculars, which together with the invisible to the naked eye, built-in 915 nm long-range infrared IR illuminator and video output they form a powerful observation tool.

Three adapters for telescopes / binoculars are available:

42 mm: # 79121
50 mm: # 79122
56 mm: # 79123

The durable fiberglass housing withstands drops and impacts, and the entire device is calculated to work with a recoil of up to 6000 J.

The optical parameters of the Pulsar Forward DFA75 attach it equal to the generation 2+ night vision attachments, mainly due to the very high optical resolution of 50 lpm, and also due to the magnification of 1x. After applying 8x56 night-vision binoculars, we obtain a night-vision optical path with an 8x magnification, sufficient for a large exit pupil for observations with the illuminator turned off, eg in the light of the moon or a nearby village.

With this attachment you can observe and record high-quality night images thanks to the SumLight technology, allowing this device to work at an extremely low level of external lighting of 0.00004 lux. The analogue video output on your device allows you to easily connect them to video recorders for recording. The Pulsar Forward DFA75 night vision device is made in a new digital technology, so you can use it during the day, for example as a recording camera, for example, accurate hits.

The image is clean and clear, thanks to a 50 mm f / 1.0 lens with high quality mapping and anti-reflective coatings, and an OLGA VGA (640x480 pixel) display. This display not only does not strain your eyes in contrast to the old LCD technology, but also can work at very low temperatures, without fear of freezing.

The device is powered by 4 AA batteries (fingers), it can be powered by rechargeable Ni-MH batteries or with an external Pulsar EPS3 or EPS5 battery. It is waterproof, thanks to which it works without any obstacles in rain, snow, fog, temperatures from -20 to 50 ° C.

The most important features

SumLight summation technology
• precisely calculated optics with FMC coatings
• high quality display of 640x480 pixels in OLED technology
• built-in, invisible, laser infrared illuminator with 915 nm wave, laser class 1
• video-out output for connecting the recorder, eg CVR640, Yukon MPR or similar
• programmable remote switch
• fiberglass housing, resistant to impacts and falls
• compact and lightweight design
• fastening on a quick connector

The set includes an additional eyepiece enables the transformation of the Pulsar Forward DFA75 night vision cap into an observation, digital night vision monocular with a magnification of 5x (in older 10x supplies) and great opportunities.

Technical parameters

• Lens: 50 mm / f1.0
• Optical zoom: 1x, 5x or 10x with eyepiece (depending on delivery)
• Digital zoom: 1.5x
• Length of the infrared wave of the illuminator: 915 nm
• Illuminator IR power: 20 mW, security class 1
• Maximum range with illuminator: 400 m
• Battery operation time (ilumination off / on) 2 / 1.5 hours.
• Operating time on external power supply (EPS3 / EPS5) 7/18 hours
• Field of view: 5 °
• Linear field of view: 8.7 m @ 100 m
• Optical system resolution: 50 lp / mm
• Output: 30 mm
• Minimum distance of acute vision: 5 m
• Brightness range: 0.00004 lux - 30,000 lux
• Operating temperature range: -20 ° C to +50 ° C
• Power supply: 4xAA or external EPS3 or EPS5 batteries
• Resistance to recoil: up to 6,000 J
• Dimensions: 155 x 82 x 117 mm
• Weight (without batteries): 560 g


2 years