GSO focuser for SCT 2 10:1 focusers opinie

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GSO focuser for SCT 2" 10:1
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122 EUR
price w/o VAT: 99 EUR

GSO focuser for SCT 2\" 10:1
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The Crayford GSO eyepiece extractor is a perfect, play-free essential element of the Schmidt Cassegrain telescope. Made of anodized aluminum in CNC technology, covered with a non-abrasive black coating, it provides an aesthetic appearance and above-average durability. The chrome-plated inner sliding sleeve runs smoothly thanks to four precision bearings. The inner surface of the sleeve has been blackened and dulled to eliminate glare and improve contrast. The extractor is equipped with a microfocuser with a 10: 1 ratio, which ensures precise adjustment of the focal point. The lift is dedicated to telescopes with the Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system. The accessories include a reduction from 2 "to 1.25" and a 2 "filter thread. The movable extraction sleeve has a millimeter scale which facilitates focusing. The sleeve of the glasses holder has been finished with a practical clamping ring to secure it. Used accessories against scratches.

The GSO lift for SC telescopes removes all the disadvantages of traditional focusing systems of these telescopes, especially in astrophotography. The assembly of the extractor is extremely simple. It is enough to screw the extractor onto the SC thread located in the rear telescope cell. This method of assembly enables the extractor rotation to be up to 360 °. A locking screw in the extractor holder enables it to be firmly fixed in a fixed position.

The lift is delivered with two adjustment screws. The screw on the telescope side serves to lock the extractor in a set position. Thanks to this possibility, you can use heavy accessories without fear that the movable barrel of the extractor will move, causing the loss of the set focus. The second of the screws, located closer to the eyepiece, enables the adjustment of the force of the extraction sleeve's sliding. It allows to choose the value of this parameter depending on the needs.

Technical parameters

• mount: 2 "(48 mm) SCT 24TPI thread (threads per inch), commonly used in telescopes on the market
• minimum height with an attached 2 "/ 1.25" adapter: 100 mm
• maximum height with 2 "/ 1.25" reduction mounted: 118 mm
• focusing range: 18 mm
• eyepiece mounting standard: 2 ", with a reduction to 1.25"
• filter thread: 2 "/ M48x0.75
• weight: 750 g
• lifting capacity: up to 3 kg
• gear / microfokuser: 10: 1

Compatibility (models physically checked; list very incomplete)
• Sky-Watcher Mak 127 (after applying the distance - see below)
• Sky-Watcher Mak 150/180 (without any modifications)
• Orion Mak 150
• Celestron Nexstar 6 SE, 6 Evolution, 8 ", 9.25", 11 "


24 months

Note on GSO hoists fitted with ball bearings

When using the eyepiece extractor built on the basis of ball bearings, two long lines will be marked on the anodized sleeve. The appearance of these lines is the result of contact of the bushing with the ball bearings. In some cases the lines will be difficult to see, in others the marks will be strongly marked. In some cases, lines will also be visible on brand new hoods after just a few uses.

The appearance of these long lines does not mean that your statement is faulty or that it is malfunctioning. It also doesn't mean that your statement will malfunction over time. It is only a cosmetic change inherent in this construction.


Question : is it possible and how to connect this extractor to the Sky-Watcher MAK 127 OTAW telescope (2 "extract)?

Answer: It is doable. It should be noted that this is not possible directly - the extractor locks the focus adjustment knob in the Mak 127 2 "tube, access to which is necessary to be able to fully use the telescope, i.e. to set Caution To connect the above-mentioned tube with the GSO extractor for the SC, we suggest:
• attaching the GSO Skylight filter to SCT telescopes ( LINK ) in order to move the extractor away from the rear telescope cover
• removing (taking off) the rubber cap from the metal focus knob of the Mak 127 tube - it is only put on, not glued, so the operation is reversible and does not interfere with the construction
After performing the above two actions - the extractor fits, works properly, it is possible to sharpen both the extractor and the tube knob (by moving the mirror), the focus is in full range and the whole it is very stiff. Alternatively, you can use similar extensions or filters with SCT threads on both sides - if you have one.

Below is a photo-instruction.

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