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Delta Optical Titanium 65ED MK2 spotting scope
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437 EUR
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Delta Optical Titanium 65ED MK2 spotting scope
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Delta Optical Titanium 65ED II Delta Optical Titanium 65ED telescope is an ultra-compact and light telescope with very good optical characteristics. 65 mm lens with low dispersion glass ensures high fidelity of color reproduction. 65 mm is a good diameter for daytime observation in good lighting conditions. Magnification from 15 to 45x.
The telescope is an interesting proposition for bird watchers. It allows you to effectively see the details of the planets (Saturn ring, Jupiter belts, craters on the moon, etc.). In general - great, almost pocket-sized "away" equipment.

Manufacturer's description

The new, modernized Delta Optical Titanium 65ED II telescope is a product that has many constructors, because it was made after taking into account the comments of users of the previous model. Your comments are valuable to us and we are happy that thanks to them we can provide better and better products.

Below are detailed changes in the construction of the Delta Optical Titanium 65ED II.

From the side of the mechanical system, we have changed the way of setting the focus. The focusing knob, which in the previous version could have been mechanically damaged, has been replaced with a special ring. In addition, we have redesigned and modernized the optical system. On all optical surfaces we have used new, improved anti-reflective coatings to ensure better performance in difficult lighting conditions and better, more faithful color reproduction.

The new version of the telescope has, of course, all the features of the original version and here we are reminded. The use of low-dispersion ED glass enabled the use of a lens with a very short focal length and, as a result, observation equipment with a length of only 24 cm, weighing as much as the average binoculars was made. The basic elements of the telescope are a 65 mm ED lens and a large, comfortable wide-angle zoom eyepiece, providing magnification from 15 to 45x with the eyepiece field within the range of 50 - 70 degrees. This eyepiece is characterized by a large distance of the exit pupil, so eyewear can be easily used by eyepieces. Adjustable eyecup allows you to comfortably adjust the distance between the eye and the eyepiece. A comfortable, retractable sun visor is on the lens of the telescope.

Titanium 65ED II has a tripod foot with a standard photo thread, mounted in a rotating manner, which allows the telescope to be rotated around the longitudinal axis and greatly improves picture framing. The telescope is equipped with an optional photo adapter that allows you to connect any SLR with the T-Ring. The whole is placed in an elegant aluminum case that protects the equipment during transport. Of course, as befits real nature equipment, the telescope body was made of metal and finished with odorless, antiallergic rubber-gray tires. The body is completely waterproof and the inside of the telescope is filled with pure nitrogen that does not contain water vapor - thanks to which the problem of fogging the optical system inside the telescope is eliminated. The set also includes a soft cover for a stay-on type spotting scope.

Given the excellent optical properties, small footprint and a relatively affordable price, this is certainly a very attractive proposition for all nature lovers and not only. The telescope also works well in the observations of the sky. With such a perfect optics, we can easily see the shapes of planetary disks, the rings of Saturn, and at 45x magnification, we get an impressive sharp image of the lunar disc that will fill most of the field of view.

Technical parameters

• Lens diameter: 65 mm
• focal length: 375 mm
• optics: ED quadruplet (4 elements)
• coverage: MC layers on all glass-air boundaries
• body: magnesium alloy
• water resistance: yes, filled with nitrogen
• magnification: seamlessly variable, from 15x to 45x
• field of view: 57 m / 3.33 ° @ 15x, 27 m / 1.55 ° @ 45x
• minimum sharpening distance: 4 m
• dimensions: 24.5 cm (length) x 10 cm x 8 cm
• weight: 1350 g
• tripod mount: 1/4 inch (photographic standard) and 3/8 "
• slide-out sun visor: yes
• filter mount: M72 x 0.75 (on the lens)
• included: with an aluminum case




5 years

Additional photos:

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