Yukon Spartan 3x50 NVMT monoculars opinie

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Yukon Spartan 3x50 NVMT
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Yukon Spartan 3x50 NVMT
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The Yukon NVMT Spartan series is a compact night vision device for users who want to purchase their first night vision device and not be disappointed. At a competitive price, the Yukon NVMT Spartan 3x42 has the high reliability and durability that is characteristic of all Yukon products.

NVMT Spartan 3x42 is a generation I device with a display resolution of 36 lp / mm. The night vision device is equipped with a built-in infrared illuminator with a capacity of 100 mW. 3x magnification provides a wide field of view equal to 20 degrees, corresponding to a field of 35 m / 100 m.

The NVMT Spartan 3x42 model, due to the enlargement and aperture of the lens, is suitable for detection at close and medium distances. The range in total darkness is about 70 m. When working in the light of the moon or in artificial city lights, this value increases up to 150 m. It performs well during observation of property boundaries, exposed green areas, city parks, sidings railway and parking lots. It allows detection of hidden targets in unlit buildings, warehouse halls or in nearby bushings.

The Yukon NVMT Spartan 3x42 is powered by a CR123A lithium battery. The operating time with the illuminator is 20 h.

The recommended addition for each night vision device I is an external infrared illuminator with a power greater than 100 mW. This will allow a large increase in the detection distance as well as the quality of the image offered.

The Yukon NVMT Spartan 3x42 can be connected to a telescope adapter; this set is especially recommended for night shooting, both for hunters and ASG shooters and airguns. It will also be a great help in the work of the night watchman, forester, angler and anyone interested in protecting property.

Technical parameters
• Generation: 1
• IR illuminator: YES, built-in, diode
• Zoom: 3x
• Diameter of the lens: 42 mm
• Resolution: 36 lines / mm
• Range: 70 m in total darkness, 150 m with a lighting fixture
• Field of view: 20
• Adjusting the focus to your eyesight: +/- 4 D
• Power supply: 3-volt CR123 battery (included)
• Working temperature range: -30 ° + 40 °
• Working time without changing the power source: 20 hours
• Mounts to a photographic tripod: YES, 1/4 inch
• Dimensions: 162 x 82 x 60 [mm]
• Weight: 500 g




3 years


Question : What is the difference between the 1 and 2 generation night vision devices? I want to buy a night vision device, but I would like to learn more about night vision technology.

Answer: Basic information can be found in the HOW TO OPERATE THE NECTOR (click to read)

Question : What is the CR123 battery? Are there "batteries" of this type?

Answer: CR123 batteries are 3-volt lithium batteries, often used in cameras, rangefinders, crosshairs, tactical flashlights. Lithium cells have a large capacity, they are resistant to temperatures from -55 to +70 degrees Celsius, and they have a very long life - up to 15 years of usability (at room temperature).
Yes, there are available batteries on the market (RCR-123 symbol, they require a dedicated charger).