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Delta Optical Smart 2 MPix
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Delta Optical Smart 2 MPix
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The Delta Optical Smart digital microscope is a new offer on the Polish market of Delta Optical in the field of USB handheld microscopes connected directly to the computer port.

The high-quality 1/4 "CMOS sensor provides a sharp and color saturated image.The zoom adjustment is in the range of 10x to 250. The maximum resolution is 2 MP (1600x1200) .The images are saved in JPG or BMP format The video recording takes place in the AVI file.

Long 1.9 m long USB cable and small dimensions allow also to reach hard to reach places. Directly on the microscope there is also a button for a quick photo, thanks to which the user does not have to reach each time for a computer mouse to save a single image.

Interesting are the standard accessories included in the set - including small tripod with telescopically adjustable height, adapter for tripod, cover and base.


The set also includes Polish-language Delta Optical Smart Analysis 1.0 software useful for anyone who wants to not only watch and record a microscope image, but also measure the items viewed.

The basic functions are live image preview on the monitor screen, photo recording, movie recording and time trigger (record within a specified time interval). You can save images to a disc or send via e-mail. Available settings allow you to change the resolution and control some of the image parameters, eg brightness, contrast.

Below are the most important functions of the Delta Optical Smart Analysis 1.0 software:

• text: allows you to put text on the image
• line: draws lines, allows you to measure the length
• circle (by radius): draws a circle with a selected radius, allows you to measure the surface of the circle
• circle (by diameter): draws a circle with the selected diameter, allows you to measure the surface of the circle
• circle (from three points): draws a circle by passing it through 3 points, allows you to measure the surface
• rectangle: draws a rectangle, lets you measure the area of ••the selected rectangle
• Angle: allows you to plot the angle, allows you to measure the angle in degrees
• polygon: draws a polygon, allows you to measure the surface of a created figure
• angle between lines: lets you measure an angle between any two lines that do not have to be connected
• rotation: rotating the image every 90 degrees in both directions
• calibration: allows you to calibrate the measurement using a 1 mm scale


A microscope designed for teachers, pupils, students, parents, collectors and for anyone who wants to research objects, jewelery, documents, money, insects, minerals or paleontological specimens, stains on clothing or carpet, in a word, everything what a microscope can be used for.

It is also an effective tool for veterinarians who can use the Delta Optical Smart microscope to observe parasites in the fur, condition of the hair, skin, folliculitis, etc., and during the examination may present on the computer screen the pet's cause or its consequences.

The microscope can also be used to observe capillaries (capillaroscopy), only the skin over the nail should be rubbed with immersion oil. This method is used, among others to assess microcirculation and detect various diseases.

Delta Optical Smart is also used by conservators of monuments, sculptures, paintings, textiles, etc. to observe the condition of the surface and its registration. The possibility of inserting the current date and time of recording (automatically) to the image being recorded is very useful in professional documentation.

Due to the high quality of the image obtained and a wide range of image adjustment, the Delta Optical Smart microscope is used not only in school and individual laboratories but also by research institutes and universities.

It can be particularly useful for quality control of solder on printed circuit boards and analysis of precision products, testing of various work surfaces or products, and as a helpful reading tool for visually impaired people. You can copy the frames of old movies, eg 8 and super 8, the focus will depend on the quality of the output material.

The set includes the following items:

• microscope
• CD with Polish language software
• a stand to "park" the microscope
• telescopic three-leg tripod with height adjustment
• fixing to a 1/4 "tripod
• cover for the microscope

Technical parameters

• lighting: 8x LED
• exciting light: white with brightness adjustment
• matrix: 1/4 "CMOS
• image resolution: 2 MPix
• color: 24 bit RGB
• focusing range: manual adjustment from 10 mm to infinity
• magnification range: 10x - 250x
• Video format: AVI
• static image format: JPG or BMP
• color balance: automatic
• PC interface: USB 2.0
• the length of the USB cable: 1.9 m
• operating system: 32-bit and 64-bit MS Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1
• power supply: 5V from the USB port
• software: Delta Optical Smart Analysis 1.0
• dimensions of the camera: 35 x 35 x 120 mm
• weight: 105 g


2 years

(below: photos taken with the DO Smart microscope - manufacturer's materials)

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