TS Optics 28x110 MX Marine binoculars (SKU: TS28110MX) astronomical binoculars opinie

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TS Optics 28x110 MX Marine binoculars (SKU: TS28110MX)
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712 EUR
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TS Optics 28x110 MX Marine binoculars (SKU: TS28110MX)
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TS 28x110 MX Marine - one of the largest binoculars on the market. Images of galaxies, nebulae, and the moon are knocked off their feet. It is also used as observation binoculars for field and natural observation - the image brightness is incomparably greater than in observation telescopes, while the magnification equal to 28x corresponds to the average telescopes. If you add to this the plasticity and depth of the image as well as the 3-D effect associated with the two-part observation - we get a product, which few!

In addition, it is worth mentioning a certain feature that is often forgotten, and more importantly - about the size of prisms. Too small prisms make the image not evenly bright in the entire field of view, it is darker on the edges. The TS MX Marine binoculars, and the 28x110 model in particular, are equipped with large BaK-4 prisms, thanks to which the picture is perfectly bright in the whole over 2-degree field of view.

Features of the MX Marine series of binoculars

TS MX Marine binoculars are characterized by a very strong construction - a solid metal body is covered with rubber. These binoculars can withstand even significant impacts or a fall from a low height. They are not harmed by high humidity, rain or water. They are protected by O-rings and filled with nitrogen , which makes them good on the water (sailing, kayaking, motor-boating), as well as during natural observation.

Miles of astronomy will appreciate the flat field of view (no distortion of the image), very good correction of chromatic aberration and high efficiency of the optical system .

The TS MX Marine binoculars have a focusing system for each eye in combination with a large depth of field . Thanks to this, high mechanical resistance and comfort have been achieved - binoculars do not require frequent focusing on objects at different distances.

Technical parameters

• Lens diameter: 110 mm
• Zoom: 28x
• Output: 3.92 mm
• Construction of prisms: PORRO
• Material of glass elements: optical glass BaK-4
• Anti-reflective layers: MC on all optical surfaces, total system efficiency of 94%
• Field of view: 2.14 °
Eye relief : 18 mm
• Twilight efficiency: 55.5
• Adjusting the focus: individually for each eyepiece, +/- 5 Diopters
• Minimum distance of observation: above 300 m (optimally above 1.5 km)
• Range of eyepieces / output gauges: 56 - 74 mm
• Water resistance: YES
• Resistance to shock: YES
• Nitrogen filling: YES
• The option of connecting a tripod: YES, tripod foot integrated with the longitudinal rod of the binoculars
• Bin longitudinal rod: length 42.5 cm, diameter 19.5 mm
• Dimensions: length: 53 cm, width max: 26.5 cm
• Weight: about 6.8 kg




2 years

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