Sky-Watcher MAK 180/2700 EQ5 SynScan GOTO Maksutovs opinie

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Sky-Watcher MAK 180/2700 EQ5 SynScan GOTO
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Sky-Watcher MAK 180/2700 EQ5 SynScan GOTO
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Optical tube SkyWatcher MAK 180/2700 OTA + assembly EQ5 SynScan (with GOTO system)

Optical tube
The Maksutov optical system is one of the most valued optical constructions, widely appreciated for its mobility, ease of use and multi-functionality. It is an excellent choice of both astronomical observations, as well as earth observations and aircraft observations. Excellent optics provide an extremely sharp image throughout the field of view. The telescope consists of the meniscus correction board, the main mirror and the secondary mirror placed on the inner part of the meniscus. These telescopes have a reduced coma and show only a substantial chromatic aberration, giving very sharp and expressive images. A great advantage of the Maksutov telescopes is the compact and compact design and light weight. Due to their large focal length and low light, they are perfectly suitable for planetary observations. This type of construction works well in urban environments, where the main emphasis is on solar system objects, and smaller on nebulae.

The EQ-5 GOTO Synscan by SkyWatcher offers a simple solution for reasonable money for people who want to equip their telescope with the GoTo search and tracking system, but do not want a heavy and expensive HEQ5 or EQ6. The EQ5 parallactic assembly SynScan uses similar solutions as HEQ5 / EQ6 and contains a database of over 13,000 objects. At the same time, it guarantees a high comfort of work and the precision of finding objects while maintaining a much smaller mass compared to their larger counterparts. Mounting characterized by a lifting capacity of 9 kg allows mounting on mounting many instruments from small refractors to large ED120, Mak180 or 8-inch Newton or Schmidt-Cassegrain.

The database contains 25 definable objects by the user, as well as a full database of Messier, NGC and IC objects (a total of 13436 objects). The pilot has also been programmed to easily find planets or the moon. Among its advanced features, it is worth paying attention to programmable periodic error correction (PEC) as well as PC ports to control the telescope using a computer (RS-232 port). The following alignment procedures are available: One-star Alignment, Two-star Alignment, Three-star Alignment.

Technical parameters of the optical tube

• Optical system: Maksutow - Cassegrain
• Lens diameter: 180 mm
• Focal length of the lens: 2700 mm
• Lighted: 1/15
• Switching capacity: 0.95 ''
• Theoretical range: 14th magnitude
• Maximum useful magnification: about 400x

Technical parameters of assembly

• EQ5 SynScan assembly, version 3
• power supply: 11-15 V, power consumption 2A
• drive type: stepper 1.8 °
• resolution: 0.288 seconds of a second
• travel speeds: 0.5x, 1x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 400x, 500x, 600x, 800x
• Tracking speed: star, moon, solar
• tracking mode: RA (right ascension)
• alignment procedures: One-star Alignment, Two-star Alignment, Three-star Alignment
• database: 13740 objects: planets, named stars, double stars, variable stars, Messier, IC, NGC, Caldwell and new user-defined objects
• Auto-Guide port for precise alignment during photography using a professional camera; AutoGuider type ST-4, handling speed 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x and 1x
• program PEC correction (periodical assembly error)
• PC port to control the telescope using a computer (RS-232 port)
• compatibility with ASCOM - protocol and commands compatible with NexStar 5i allows control of assembly from many popular planetarium type programs
• assembly type: parallactic German
• way of mounting the optical tube: universal dovetail
• microcaps: RA & Dec (controlled by the drive)
• tripod: 1.75 "steel
• Counterweight rod diameter: 20 mm
• material for the counterbalance rod: stainless steel
• tripod height: 71-123 cm
• tripod weight: 5.07 kg
• counterweight: 2 x 5.1kg
• maximum load: about 10 kg


The set includes the following accessories:

• 2 "spectacle lift
• Long Eye Relief 2 "28mm eyepiece
• Angle mirror 90 ° 2 "
• Integrated dovetail
• Optical finder 9x50
• Sky-Watcher EQ5 SynScan parallax installation with object search and tracking system


the planet


2 years

(Maksutov's complete optical tube with diameter 180 mm on the SynScan EQ5 rigid paraglider)

(assembly on steel legs, diameter: 1.75 ", with stand for accessories, with a dedicated SynScan GOTO system, i.e. motors and a database of objects allowing searching for objects)

(Active diameter of the optical system equal to 180 mm)

(the tube is mounted on the assembly by universal dovetail in the Meade LXD / Sky-Watcher / Vixen standard)

(Angle connector is equipped with a 1.25 "reduction, so you can use glasses in both 2" and 1.25 "standards)


(Moon, click to enlarge)

(Jupiter, click to enlarge)

(Moon, click to enlarge)

(Jupiter, click to enlarge)