Meade LX200 ACF 12'' 305 mm f/10 Advanced Coma Free opinie

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Meade LX200 ACF 12'' 305 mm f/10
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Meade LX200 ACF 12\'\' 305 mm f/10
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The LX200-ACF is a telescope equipped with an advanced Advanced Coma Free optical system, mainly known from the LX400-ACF Meade telescopes. The LX200-ACF from the LX 400-ACF optical system differs in its light-weight parameter. The value of this parameter in LX200-ACF is f / 10 while in LX400-ACF - f / 8.

Standard equipment includes:
• UHTC mirror coatings,
• drive in both axes,
• GO system is Autostart II with a library of 145000 objects,
• SONY GPS receiver,
• LNT (Level North Technology) system that allows for precise mounting positioning,
• Smart Drive system with Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC),
• connector angle 90 ° 1.25 "
• SP 26 mm / 1.25 "eyepiece.

None of the available, from this price range, in the modern telescope market, has such a level of optical and mechanical performance. In LX200-ACF Meade, he obtained a compromise in the form of a perfect quality instrument at a price much lower than commercially available telescopes in this class. Thanks to that you can look through the equipment available so far for professional astronomers.

ADVANCED OPTICAL ARRANGEMENT - telescopes with this type of optics are present in professional observatories around the world. They are the perfect equipment for a demanding astronomer.

LAYERS UHTC (Ultra High Transmission Coatings), which are characterized by significant reflective efficiency, providing 20% ••more optical efficiency than in a telescope with standard coatings.

LOCAL ANGLE CASTLE - allows you to keep the mirror in an unchanged position. Especially useful during shooting with long exposure times.

ENLARGED MAIN CRANES - Only Meade produces main mirrors with a larger diameter than mentioned in the specification (eg the diameter of the main mirror 8 "LX200-ACF actually has a size of 8.25"). This additional 1/4 "gives you a larger surface area, allowing you to better use the field of view, and thus you will see more compared to other telescopes.

SMART MOUNT - SMART INSTALLATION - constantly corrects the correct direction of the telescope's orientation. Whenever the observation object is "sighted", the coordinates defining its location are constantly updated. This mounting is compatible with the equalizer and azimuthal adjustment mechanisms.

SMART DRIVE - AutoStar system produced by Meade provides correction of periodic error. During training sessions, your LX200-ACF will detect slack in the gears and drive sprockets so that during the astrophotography with long exposure time, it automatically corrects this periodic error.

SONY GPS RECEIVER - automatically introduces precise time, date and latitude, which helps you quickly and accurately position the telescope in the right position.

AUTOALIGN - Meade telescopes equipped with the AutoAlign function are pre-configured. The AutoAlign function points to two stars that will confirm your location. The telescope targets these stars so that they are visible in the scope of the sight. Now it is enough that by using precise control, you place them in the center of the telescope's field of view, and you will have the opportunity to admire most of the objects of the universe.

PILOT AUTOSTAR - AutoStar can be upgraded after purchase. Log on to to download software updates, a stellar guide route and data on periodic objects such as comets, satellites and the latest discoveries. For free! Keep your AutoStar up to date with the latest software, and your LX200 will grow with you for many years.


the planet
star clusters
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Specification 8 " 10 " 12 " 14 " 16 "
Optical system Advanced Coma Free
Aperture, mm 203 254 305 356 406.4
Focal length, mm 2000 2500 3048 3556 4064
Light intensity f / 10 f / 10 f / 10 f / 10 f / 10
Maximum useful magnification 600x 650x 750X 850x 950x
Assembly type heavy forklift, two-armed
Lift drive Zero Image-Shift Micro Focuser type, 4 speed ranges
Eyepiece Ploessl 26mm, 5 elements, 5000 series
finder 8x50mm
GPS receiver 16 channels
Autostar? II contains a database of approximately 145,000 objects
Main and secondary mirror Pyrex
Correction plate white optical glass
Weight 33 kg 40 kg 56 kg 75 kg 140 kg


2 years warranty

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