Dipol D128 2+ monocular (45-50 l/mm) + MK123 monoculars opinie

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Dipol D128 2+ monocular (45-50 l/mm) + MK123
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Dipol D128 2+ monocular (45-50 l/mm) + MK123
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Dipol D128 is a modern night vision riflescope and a 2+ generation overlay with versatile use, perfect for hunters, recommended for naturalists and uniformed services. Included with the Dipol MK123 spotting adapter and a set of reduction rings.

Basic features

• versatility - D128 is an extremely versatile device, can be successfully used as a monocular for observation, it can also be coupled with a mask on the head to free your hands, but most importantly - D128 has the ability to connect with a telescope aiming so it is possible to shoot even in total darkness; the reduction kit allows mounting on most spotting scopes on the market, the assembly and disassembly itself takes only a few seconds (the MK123 connector in the set)

• modern technology - D128 is equipped with an advanced generation II + transducer, offering high comfort of work, creating a high resolution image, saturated, contrasting full of details; You can easily recognize animals in the forest or people in built-up areas

• durability - an important feature of the D128 monocular / overlay is its compact and robust casing made of lightweight aluminum covered with rubber in the most exposed places; the device is resistant to shock (mounting on a large-caliber weapon), has water resistance (IPX5), and the electronics in the middle are well protected

• compactness - D128 is an extremely small and handy night vision device, it can easily be packed in any pocket; when using a head or a telescope, you can barely feel its weight, which is only 340 grams (!)

D128 is the quintessence of a modern night vision device, it is small and light, has many usable possibilities, offers excellent technical parameters. This is the right choice for the most demanding users.

Elements of the set

• D128 night vision monocular
• footer / adapter for IR L2 backlight
• case
• MK123 adapter with a ring set
• 2 LR-1 batteries
• instructions in Polish + warranty card

Technical parameters
• Generation: 2+
• IR illuminator: built-in, diode, two-channel (also available laser light)
• Control: analog
• Zoom: 1x (without magnification, optional 3x with additional lens)
• Diameter of the lens: 20 mm
• Focal length of the lens: F = 27 mm
• Resolution: 45- 50 lines / mm
• Detection range: 700 m (human detection at the moon quarter)
• Field of view: 40 °
• Focus range (Diopter): +/- 4
• Focus range: from 0.25m to infinity
• Power supply: AA battery ("finger")
• Working temperature range: from -40 to + 40 ° C
• Water resistance class: IPX5
• Working time without changing the power source: up to 25 hours
• Dimensions: 129 x 55 x 68 mm
• Weight: 340 g




12 months for the transducer, 24 months for other elements

Additional photos

(Monocular assembly for the telescope - included )

(optional, separately available, monocular assembly per head)

(optional, used during observation and in connection with a telescope, laser L-2 illuminator)


Question : What is the difference between the 1 and 2 generation night vision devices? I want to buy a night vision device, but I would like to learn more about night vision technology.

Answer: See advice on night vision

Question : Can this monocular be combined with a telescope?

Answer: Yes, as the kit contains an MK123 adapter that allows you to connect this monocular with practically any telescope.

Question : Can this monocular be put on the head?

Answer: Yes, proper head mounting is offered separately.