Sky-Watcher NEQ-6 GoTo SynScan PRO mount mounts and drives opinie

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Sky-Watcher NEQ-6 GoTo SynScan PRO mount
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1471 EUR
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Sky-Watcher NEQ-6 GoTo SynScan PRO mount
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SynScan NEQ-6 PRO GOTO paralactic assembly, the best montage for advanced astrophotography in a reasonable budget

SynScan NEQ6 PRO GOTO paralactic assembly is a precise instrument capable of working under a high load, available at a very favorable price. The assembly works well for visual observations as well as for short non-guided exposures using CCD cameras with most conventional telescopes. It easily cooperates with refractors with an aperture up to 200mm (8 ") and Newtons with an aperture up to 12-14". The weight of the assembly together with counterweights is 26.5 kg.
The total load is estimated at 24 kg.

The NEQ6 mounting head has engraved aluminum adjusting rings and a scale of latitude. As standard, the mounting is equipped with a polar scope and its mounting, level indicator, solid locking clamps in the RA and DEC axes, a drive mounted in both axes and an extending counterbalance rod with counterweights. The set includes two counterweights, each weighing 5.4 kg.

The tripod is based on a two-inch diameter legs made of stainless steel profiles, thus guaranteeing maximum stability of the entire system. Adjusting the height of the tripod with the EQ6 mounting is possible from 1069 mm in the lowest setting up to 1544 mm in the highest setting when the tripod legs are maximally distributed. The height of the mount itself (without a tripod) EQ6 is 406 mm. Mounting the optical tube for assembly is possible with the "dovetail" mounting rail available in the Celestron offer or other manufacturers of astronomical equipment.

The GoTo SynScan remote control is a full and extended version that allows tracking and finding objects in the sky. The SynScan remote control provides three tracking speeds: stellar, lunar, solar objects in Dual Axis (RA) modes, RA (RA axis). The following alignment procedures are available: One-star Alignment, Two-star Alignment, Three-star Alignment.

The database contains 25 definable objects by the user, as well as a full database of Messier, NGC and IC objects (13,436 objects in total). The pilot has also been programmed to easily find planets or the moon. Among its advanced features, it is worth paying attention to the mode of minimizing vibrations during long exposure shooting and software error correction periodic (PEC) as well as PC ports to control the telescope using a computer (RS-232 port) and Auto-Guide to precise alignment during photography with a tracking camera.
The set includes a power cable for the cigarette lighter socket and an RS-232 cable for computer-to-assembly communication.

Technical parameters

• power supply: 12 VDC 2Amp
• drive type: 1.8 ° stepper
• resolution: 0.144 of a second arc
• travel speeds: 2X, 8X, 16X, 32X, 64X, 400X, 500X, 600X, 800X Gear Ratio: 705
• Tracking speed: star, moon, solar
• Dual Axis tracking mode (biaxial), RA (right ascension)
• alignment procedures: One-star Alignment, Two-star Alignment, Three-star Alignment (ie the procedure for setting one, two or three stars)
• database: 25 definable objects by the user, full database of Messier, NGC and IC objects (total of 13436 objects)
• minimizing vibration when shooting with a long exposure time
• programmable PE correction (periodic error)
• PC port to control the telescope using a computer (RS-232 port)
• Auto-Guide port for precise alignment during photography using a professional camera
• assembly type: parallactic German
• assembly of the optical tube: clamps (rings)
• microcaps: RA & Dec (controlled by the drive)
• tripod: 2 "steel
• tripod height: 85-147 cm
• tripod weight: 7.5 kg
• Counterbalance rod diameter: 1.8 cm
• material for the counterbalance rod: stainless steel
• assembly weight without counterweights: 16.3 kg
• assembly weight with counter-weights: 26.5 kg
• mounting height: 41 cm
• counterweight: 2 x 5.1 kg
maximum load: approx. 24 kg


2 years









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