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Leica Geovid HD 8x56
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Leica Geovid HD 8x56
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LEICA GEOVID 8x56 HD is a very bright night-vision binoculars, equipped with a laser rangefinder. It is characterized by excellent optical parameters, top-class mechanics and the smallest dimensions in this class of devices. It is an indispensable instrument for nature observers, hunters, foresters, architects, but also for the army, police and other order forces. Perfectly will perform in all circumstances. It provides a sharp and contrasting image from the edge to the edge, even in the most difficult conditions - at sunset or at sunrise, in the fog or at the moonlight. It guarantees perfect reproduction of even the smallest details.

GEOVID HD series binoculars launched on the market in mid-2009 have been equipped with a modern optical system made in HD (High Definition Optics) technology, with significantly better performance compared to the earlier GEOVID series. In all binoculars of the new series, the key lenses are made of fluorite glass, containing crystalline calcium fluoride - a mineral with a very low dispersion factor and negligible susceptibility to aberrations. The use of such a glass made it possible to increase the contrast of the image in the whole field of view and improve the quality of color reproduction. All GEOVID HD binoculars have also been equipped with AquaDura technology - a coating system drastically lowering the surface tension, sprayed on the lenses. They prevent water and dirt from sticking to the front lens of the binoculars. Water splashes on the binoculars or condenses on the lens and flows "like a duck" from it. Pollutants - particles of mud, grease, fingerprints, etc., are now easier to remove. This is extremely important when using binoculars in difficult conditions - in rain and in fog.

The GEOVID 8x56 HD binoculars have been equipped with a refined laser rangefinder with a range of up to 1,300 meters (1,400 yards). The distance reading is displayed in the right eyepiece of the binoculars with the help of clear LEDs. The brightness of the displayed information automatically adjusts to the prevailing conditions, guaranteeing comfortable use both on a sunny day and at night, without the risk of glare. The dioptric correction of the rangefinder's display has been separated by the diopter correction of the binoculars, which makes it easier to view and read distances to users with visual disabilities.

the most useful
Traditionally GEOVID binoculars are characterized by very good ergonomics and are very durable. It's the smallest, lightest and most handy device in its class. The binoculars' bodies are stiff, aluminum castings, covered with rubber absorbing the shock and providing a secure grip even with wet hands or gloved hands. Eyecups have been designed to provide comfort to those who wear glasses. They are easily removable, which makes it easy to keep the glasses clean. GEOVID HD binoculars are filled with nitrogen, which reduces the risk of fogging during rapid temperature changes. They are, of course, completely watertight - they can withstand a depth of 5 m. They can be used at temperatures from minus 25 to plus 60 ° C.

Technical parameters and features

• magnification: 8x
• Lens diameter: 56 mm
• Excavation: 7 mm
• Twilight efficiency: 21.2
• field of view: 118/1000 m
• pupil distance: 18.5 mm
• view angle (real): 6.8 °
• minimum focusing distance: 5.6 m
• dioptric correction: +/- 3.5 Diopters
• effective rangefinder range: 10 - 1300 m
• accuracy of the rangefinder: +/- 1 m at a distance of up to 350 m +/- 2 m at a distance up to 700 m +/- 0.5% over a distance of over 700 m
• measurement reading: 4-character LED display with automatic brightness regulation
• eyecups for people wearing an adjustable eyepiece (with three-step adjustment, removable)
• adjustment of the spacing of pupils: 56 - 74 mm
• internal focusing with a central focusing mechanism
• optical construction: 7 optical elements, with anti-reflective coatings with Leica HDC / Leica AquaDura technology
• roof prism with P40 coating with phase correction
• watertight: to a depth of 5 m
• body: die-cast aluminum filled with nitrogen, finished with a flexible rubber coating in black
• dimensions (length x height x width): 135 x182 x68 mm
• weight: 1100 g
• laser: safe for the eye, for the invisible light, meeting EN and FDA class 1 standards
• discrepancy of the beam: 2.5 x 0.5 mrad
• measurement time: up to 1.4 s
• power supply: CR2 (3V) lithium battery
• battery capacity: approx. 2000 measurements (at 20 ° C)
• in the set: neoprene strap, Cordura case, cover of glasses and lenses


5 years