Levenhuk D740T microscope with 5,1 Mpix USB camera (SKU: 69658) trino opinie

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Levenhuk D740T microscope with 5,1 Mpix USB camera (SKU: 69658)
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712 EUR
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Levenhuk D740T microscope with 5,1 Mpix USB camera (SKU: 69658)
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The Levenhuk D740T microscope is a three-eyed microscope, perfect for laboratory, clinical and medical tests. This instrument will be appreciated by anyone who conducts serious scientific research and works with transparent microscopic specimens. The Levenhuk D740T microscope is also recommended for home use. It will be invaluable help in learning and developing interests. Ideally suited to veterinary research, didactics and education. In the set with the microscope is very good microscope camera with a resolution of 5.1 megapixels.

The microscope is equipped with a comfortable three-spotted head. Observations with the help of two eyes greatly improve the scope of vision. Long-term observation no longer causes discomfort and fatigue. The head is inclined at 45 ° and rotates around its axis. The rotating mechanism frees you from moving the entire instrument when you want to show the progress of work to another person.

The third optical path allows for the attachment of a microscope camera or a camera (necessary adapters dedicated to the camera) in order to make photographic documentation and live viewing with the possibility of visual observation.

The Levenhuk D740T microscope is designed for observing transparent microscopic specimens. Test methods used: bright field and using immersion oil. The set contains high quality achromatic lenses and a bottle with immersion oil. The microscope is also equipped with two pairs of interchangeable glasses: a Huygens eyepiece and an eyepiece with a wide field of view. A rich set of accessories allows you to choose the optimal magnification and field of view to observe specific microscope slides. The full scale of magnification of this microscope is from 40x to 2000x.

The adjustable LED brightness is mounted under the table. The microscope has also been fitted with an Abbe condenser with an iris diaphragm, which reduces light loss and enables accurate focusing of the light beam on the observed preparation. Centering allows special screws. The sharpness can be adjusted with one knob; the focusing system contains roughing and fine adjustment scales.

The table allows observation of any selected samples, including large sizes. In order to conduct detailed tests, the table can be moved along a horizontal or vertical axis, precisely defining the research field. All interesting details can be viewed even at the maximum magnification. The table has special clamps for holding samples.

The D740T microscope has a metal body that increases its reliability and service life. The kit includes a special dust cover that can be used when the device is stored for a long time.

Technical parameters

• head: three-spherical, rotating 360 °, inclined at 45 °
• optical system material: optical glass
• magnification: 40 - 2000x (40x, 80, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x, 2000x)
• Eyepiece diameter: 23 mm
• glasses: WF10x / 18 mm, H20x
• lenses: achromatic: 4x, 10x, 40xs, 100xs (immersion in oil)
• revolver with a slot for 4 lenses
• stage: 140x130 mm, XY. with coordinate scale and terminals
• range of movement of the table, using the focusing mechanism: vertically 50 mm, horizontal 75 mm
• condenser: Abbe, 1.25 NA
• diaphragm: iris
• sharpness adjustment: coaxial micro-macro (precision and rough, 0.002 mm and 22 mm respectively)
• body material: aluminum
• brightness adjustment: yes, stepless
• power supply: 220 - 230 V / 50 Hz
• lighting: 0.5 W LED (diode)
• the possibility of using filters: yes
• optical length: 160 mm

Technical parameters of the camera

• resolution: 5.1 Mpix 2592?1944
• interface with a computer: USB 2.0
• fixing: in a tube of 23 mm
• camera compatibility: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7/8/10, Linux 2.6 *, Mac OS 10.6-10.10, USB port

Equipment included

• microscope table with a base
• trino head
• achromatic lenses: 4x, 10x, 40xs and 100xs (oil)
• glasses: WF10x and H20x (2 pairs)
• blue filter
• a bottle with immersion oil
• dust cover


lifetime manufacturer's warranty, 2-year shop warranty

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