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Bresser Science IVM 401
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Bresser Science IVM 401
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The BRESSER Science IVM 401 microscope has a reversed direction of illumination and observation in relation to standard microscopes. It means that the lighting system is above the stage, and the set of lenses is under the stage. This arrangement makes it possible to observe sediments and transparent living organisms in solutions.

The inverted (inverse) microscope is a perfect instrument for the observation of plankton and protozoan cultures and other objects that require a stable environment for their development. This specialist microscope is dedicated to water research facilities, research institutes, universities, human and animal medicine, agriculture and limnology.

The instrument is equipped with a binocular head with the possibility of adjusting the distance between the diaphragm and dioptric adjustment enabling the selection of the optimal instrument setting. The supplied photo pin allows you to set up a system for taking pictures and take pictures while observing eyepieces.

30 W halogen lighting with adjustable illumination intensity in combination with a condenser and a ring-shaped condenser diaphragm, and a half diaphragm allows for the selection of optimal lighting conditions for the tested objects.

The equipment also includes a lens with a phase plate with a magnification of 25x, which in combination with a ring-shaped diaphragm of the condenser allows for examining objects using the phase contrast method. Thanks to such equipment, the microscope can be used in life microbiological, cytological and biochemical tests as well as in the study of phase structures of living cells.

Technical parameters

• head type: trinocular
• magnification: 40x - 400x
• DIN WF glasses: 10x - 2 pcs
• plan achromatic lenses: 10x / 25x / 40x / 10x PHP2
• lighting: 6V / 30W halogen
• eyepiece diameter: 23 mm


• condenser with annular diaphragm with working distance of 50mm
• field iris diaphragm
• halogen lighting with infinitely variable power control
• object table 200x150 mm with a shift range of 79x112 mm
• green, blue and transparent filter
• auxiliary microscope for observing the exit pupil of the objective


2 years

Additional information / promotions

On request, when buying this microscope, we offer installation at the customer's premises and initial training in the use of the device throughout Poland, included in the price of the product (free of charge). The date of the visit is set individually, depending on the Recipient's capabilities and the free date of a qualified employee.