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Fenix E03R
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20 EUR
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Fenix E03R
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Fenix E03R is an ultra-light, pocket-sized flashlight for everyday use, which emits a maximum beam of 260 lumen, has additional red light, an integrated rechargeable battery and a quick charge function via the USB-C port.

An edc torch for everyone
The Fenix E03R flashlight is one of the most anticipated novelties of the Fenix brand this year. The idea that guided the designers of the new model was to create a light, pocket-sized and at the same time efficient flashlight, which can accompany us in our daily activities.

In this way, a light weighing only 22 g was created, the size of a remote control for a car, the maximum flux of 260 lumens illuminating the space at a distance of over 40 m.

In order to increase the comfort of use and at the same time reduce the costs of use, the flashlight has an integrated rechargeable battery, a USB-C fast charging port and a useful battery level indicator that allows you to control the remaining energy reserve.

Durable and light
The body of the flashlight was made with a precise method on CNC machine tools from A6061-T6 aluminum, which was subjected to the HA-III hard anodizing process to increase the hardness. This guarantees resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage and ensures a minimum weight of only 22 g.

Low weight combined with a compact size of 47 × 24 × 12 mm means that the flashlight can be carried on a daily basis with keys, in a wallet, pocket or a lady's purse. The advantages of having this compact flashlight will be appreciated by everyone who does not need a typical EDC flashlight with a powerful beam of light and larger dimensions.

The flashlight has an IP66 resistance class, which means that it is resistant to dust and small solids, falls from 1 m, dust, has a splashproof construction and can be safely used in rain or snowfall.

Two colors of light
Two emitters are used in the flashlight: white Match CA18 and red Everlight 2835 with a lifetime of 50,000 hours. The maximum luminous flux is 260 lumens, which allows for a wide illumination of the space at a distance of 42 m.

The user has at his disposal 4 levels of white light brightness and 2 red light modes (constant and pulsating), thanks to which the flashlight, apart from everyday use, will also be an emergency light. signaling, calling for help or marking the position.

The red diode will be useful for reading maps at night, it also accelerates the adaptation of the eye to vision in the dark.

Light modes:
• high: 260 lumens
• medium: 80 lumens
• low: 30 lumens
• eco: 5 lumens
• red steady: 4 lumens
• flashing red: 4 lumens

Convenient operation
Activities related to the operation of the flashlight, ie switching on, switching off and changing the modes, are operated with a single button, made of anodized metal.

Two solutions protect against accidental switching on of the flashlight while wearing it, ie the button placed below the body line and the button lock (activated by a double click).

Quick charge port
The flashlight is powered by a built-in 200 mAh li-po battery. The battery is charged via the USB-C port, which ensures the speed of the process and the possibility of recharging with an external power bank or other power source, eg from a laptop or a car USB socket.

The socket is protected against moisture and dust by a rubber stopper.

Battery level indicator
Thanks to the function of the battery level indicator (LED in the switch) and the low voltage warning, we can control the work of the flashlight and manage the remaining energy reserve. The indicator is activated by pressing the switch once (the flashlight is off).

The indicator through a colored diode informs us about the battery status for 3 seconds. The flashlight has an intelligent overheating protection system that automatically reduces the brightness of the light until the temperature of the flashlight is lowered.

Battery Level Indications:
• green LED on: 100-70%
• flashing green LED: 70-40%
• red LED on: 40-10%
• flashing red LED: 10-1%

Technical parameters

• maximum luminous flux: 260 lm
• range: 42 m
• maximum working time: 18 hours
• number of modes: 6
• tightness class: IP66
• drop resistance: 1 meter
• power supply: built-in rechargeable battery
• charging: USB-C port
• housing: anodized duralumin
• length: 47 mm
• weight: 22 g


24 months

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