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Delta Optical NEON
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Delta Optical NEON
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Delta Optical NEON thermal imaging sight is an uncompromising combination of quality, simplicity of use and favorable price. The compact and lightweight housing has closed modern technologies and functionalities unprecedented in this class of devices.

The most important features:

  • Modern microbolometer

The combination of a high-end 384x288 detector with a 17 ?m pixel size and a sophisticated imaging algorithm ensures high image quality by automatically improving the contrast to quickly target.

  • An excellent display

The high resolution HD display (1280x960 pixels) combined with high resistance to extreme temperatures (from -20 to + 50 ° C) ensures that the device will not disappoint us even in the most difficult conditions.

  • High refresh rate

Even when observing moving objects, the image is smooth and the observations are comfortable thanks to the refresh rate of 50 Hz .

  • Color palettes

Various image color palettes are available - the user has 4 modes.

  • Picture in Picture mode

Picture in Picture mode allows you to enlarge 2x the central part of the image in a specially displayed window.

  • Lightweight and Compact

Thoughtful design, low weight and small dimensions - all this makes Delta Optical NEON the most compact thermal imaging sight on the market.

  • High mechanical resistance: 6000 J

The sight can be freely used on large calipers, e.g. 375H & H or 9.3x64 .

  • Four individual ballistics profiles

We can shoot the crosshair on four different weapon units or for four different shooting distances.

  • Powered by standard CR123 batteries or 16340 batteries

A widely known battery standard was used to power the device, which is important: the use of rechargeable batteries is allowed . Replacing the battery is quick and easy.

  • Simple operation

Intuitive operation combined with modern technology gives us an effective, but also comfortable to use thermovision sight. The pictorial menu is legible and thanks to the fact that it is displayed on a translucent background, it does not limit the field of view

  • 2x, 3x 4x digital zoom

Delta Optical NEON has a 2x optical magnification. Thanks to the digital zoom, we can enlarge the image up to 4, 6 or 8x .

  • Reticle

For the user's convenience NEON has been equipped with electronically displayed sights. The device has 4 types of meshes of different shapes, each available in 4 different colors . Thanks to this, we can choose the optimal mesh for all conditions.

  • USB-C port

The device can be powered from an external powerbank battery thanks to the modern USB-C interface. It also allows you to transfer data, e.g. allows you to connect an image recorder.

  • Long range

The use of high-quality germanium optics ensures detection range up to 1350 meters .

  • Adjusting the brightness of the image

The display has a 4-step scale of brightness adjustment , thanks to which it can be adjusted to individual preferences.

  • Reticle OFF mode

Reticle OFF mode is a unique functionality that allows you to turn off the reticle and use the device as a standard observation imager. In this mode, the functions related to the reticle are hidden in the menu.

  • Ultraclear mode

Functionality that improves the sensitivity of the device and imaging of details during observations in fog and in heavy rain.

  • Full water resistance

The device has a degree of protection IP67 which means that it is perfectly protected against rain and even is resistant to short-term immersion in water.

Technical specifications

• magnification: 2-8x
• field of view: 10.7x8 °
• sensor resolution: 384x288 px
• single pixel size: 17 ?m
• refresh rate: 50 Hz
• display resolution: 1280 x 960 px
• detection range: 1360 m
• distance from the eye: 40 mm
• diopter adjustment: -5 / + 5
• power supply: 2x CR123 or 16340 (3V - 3.7V)
• working time: 4 hours
• external power supply: USB-C
• dimensions: 193 x 60 x 60 mm
• weight: 420 g


2 years