Baader Astro Solar Foil ND5 (10x10cm unit dimension) Baader filters opinie

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Baader Astro Solar Foil ND5 (10x10cm unit dimension)
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Baader Astro Solar Foil ND5 (10x10cm unit dimension)
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A high-class solar filter that allows you to safely observe the Sun's surface when properly attached to the telescope lens . The filter is in the form of a metallized film, which only lets a small fraction of the sun's rays.

The solar film meets the highest quality standards by passing one hundred degrees of sunlight. Mounted on the front of the binoculars (necessarily both lenses), telescope or telescope allows you to get great images of the sun when looking directly through the eyepiece.

Technical data

• dimensions: 10 x 10 cm
• filtration level: 99.999%
• film thickness: 0.012 mm
• transmission symbol / class: ND5 ( foil intended for visual observations and simple photographs)
• quality standard: CE

(exemplary application of the film - photo of the solar eclipse from March 20, 2015, visible large sunspot)

comparison of Baader Solar Foil ND 3.8 and ND 5 transmission; the ND 3.8 film permits 16 more light than ND 5 and is therefore not suitable for visual observation
(measurements on the Varian Cary 100 spectrophotometer, July 2015)

Note: on request, it is possible to purchase foils with other dimensions, as required. In this case, a multiple of the basic dimension is taken. For example, a 150 mm Newton telescope requires a film of about 17x17 cm = about 300 square meters, i.e. a foil having an area equal to three times the basic dimension is required. In this case, you should buy 3x 10 cm x 10 cm and let us know what size of the tube the filter will be made, so that we properly cut out the film according to your specifications. A table of example dimensions below.

Cover the foil do this:

or, if you like to do everything exactly, look below.

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