Celestron Advanced VX equatorial mount Mounts and Drives opinie

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Celestron Advanced VX equatorial mount
Availability: product is not availabe at the moment - please contact us (kontakt@teleskopy.pl) in order to obtain information on availability time

Celestron Advanced VX equatorial mount
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The Celestron Advanced VX parallactic assembly is a new construction designed to replace the well-known and well-known CG5GT assembly.
The VX mount is equipped with the GoTo system, it is suitable for learning the fundamentals of astrophotography and allows you to hang a wide range of optical tubes of various types. This assembly contains some elements known from the CGEM model, some of the CG5 GT as well as some new solutions.

Compared to CG5GT, the engines have been changed - they are high-speed engines, better suited for larger loads. The assembly was equipped with the option of reducing the periodic error with the recording of the PPEC characteristics. Autoguider can be used to correct the guidance, the head has a typical ST-4 socket. From the mechanical side, the easiest way is to adjust the polar axis using a large comfortable screw - similar to the CGEM assembly. The whole is made ergonomically, it can be quickly and easily distributed into transport components.

From the electronic side, the heart of the system is GoTo NexStar +. This driver is an improved version of the NexStar known from previous versions. In particular, it is worth noting the immunity of the display to low temperatures. The new driver is also more ergonomic and intuitive to use. The capacity of the new assembly is 13.5 kg (without counterweights). This design allows the correct use of Newton optical tubes up to 20 cm in size as well as SCT tubes up to 30cm in diameter

Technical parameters

• carrying capacity: 13.5 kg (without counterweight)
• counterweight: 1 x 5.4 kg
• length of counterbalance bar: 30 cm
• size of the counterweight bar: 19 mm
• material: steel
• weight: 15.5 kg
• controller: NexStar + with LCD display
• facilities database: 40,000+ objects in the database
• speed: 9 speeds, maximum 4 ° per second
• motors: constant-current motors with encoders
• power supply: 12V 3.5 A
• running speed: stellar, lunar, solar
• available ports: 2x AUX, Autoguider, RS-232 (on the controller)
• GPS: optional available
• PEC: yes, with storage (PPEC)
• latitude: from 7 to 77 degrees
• internal clock: yes
• RA / DEC wheels: no