Focus Advance 8x42 bino LRF 1800 m Laser RangeFinders opinie

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Focus Advance 8x42 bino LRF 1800 m
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Focus Advance 8x42 bino LRF 1800 m
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Focus Advance 8x42 RF 1800 m are two products in one - binoculars and rangefinder - making it an ideal tool for hunting, long distance sports shooting, golfing, sailing and other recreational activities.

Also suitable for professional use. You can measure the width of the river, find out how far an important landmark is or to determine, for example, the size of the building.

In addition to versatility, the binoculars feature a very durable housing covered with impact resistant rubber coating, which also makes it resistant to bad weather conditions.

The laser used in Focus Advance is harmless to the eyes and can therefore also be used in sports competitions or other events involving spectators.

Sharp and easy to use

Focus Advance 8x42 RF 1800m is an excellent optics with 8x magnification and a field of view of 122 meters in an area of 1000 meters (7 degrees). The multi-layer anti-reflective coating provides excellent contrast, sharp and clear image even in difficult lighting conditions.

Rotating eyecups, double diopter adjustment and adjustable eyepiece distance (56 ~ 75 mm) make it easy to customize the binoculars for every user, including those wearing glasses.

Versatile rangefinder

The rangefinder uses a laser for fast and accurate reading over distances up to 1800 meters. The information obtained in this way is displayed in the field of view of the binoculars. Using the rangefinder is very easy. The reading is made by pressing and holding the On / Measure button. There is also the possibility of continuous measurement.

The battery saving function causes the rangefinder to turn off automatically when the button is released. The Focus Advance 8x42 RF 1800m rangefinder can also display the angle between the horizon line and the target as well as the horizontal distance. You can also choose a mode in which the binoculars show the difference in height between the horizontal line and the target. Such information is valuable when hunting or shooting at long distances because it provides the opportunity to compensate for missile drops. It can also be a very helpful feature on the golf course!

Rangefinder modes Focus Advance 8x42 RF 1800m has four rangefinder modes:

STANDARD: Shows distance to target (line of sight, LOS), angle of inclination or slope and horizontal distance (angularly adjusted distance).
RAIN: used on rainy days at distances greater than 30 meters. The binoculars emit a stronger laser beam that passes through raindrops. Shows the distance, angle and height difference between the horizon and target. It can also be used to measure the height of, for example, a tree or a building.
FIRST: Priority of objects in the foreground, for example, deer in the meadow or golf flags. When the binoculars found the object in the foreground, the ring around the "1" symbol glows in the eyepiece and at the same time emits short vibrations.
LAST: prioritizes background objects. Useful when there are bushes or branches between you and the target. The binoculars filter them and look for the longest distance. When the binoculars find the correct distance, the LAST symbol will appear around the eyepiece and at the same time the binoculars will induce short vibrations.

Information displayed in binoculars

• standard / First / Last
• line of sight towards the target / measured object
• angle of inclination or slope in degrees
• horizontal distance (HD) in meters
• altitude difference in meters
• laser switched on
• laser feedback signal quality

other features

• solid optical and mechanical construction
• nitrogen filling
• advanced laser rangefinder
• continuous distance measurement
• angle measurement with reduction by level (horizontal distance) or height difference
• four measurement modes for different situations
• multi-layer anti-reflective coating
• rotating eyecups
• separate diopter adjustment settings for each eye
• impact-resistant rubber reinforcement and weatherproof construction

Technical parameters

• magnification: 8x
• lens diameter: 42 mm
• exit pupil: 5.25 mm
• roof prisms, BaK-4
• field of view: 122 m / 1000 m (7 °)
• water resistance: yes, O-rings and nitrogen filling
• power supply: 1x CR2 battery, 3 V
• height: 165 mm
• weight: 1125 g


60 months