Celestron CGX 800 HD SCT 203/2032 Celestron telescopes opinie

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Celestron CGX 800 HD SCT 203/2032
Availability: product is not availabe at the moment - please contact us (kontakt@teleskopy.pl) in order to obtain information on availability time

Celestron CGX 800 HD SCT 203/2032
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Telescope Celestron CGX HD SCT 203/2032:
• flat and flawless field of view
• reduced coma and improved resolution on the edges of the field of view
• excellent results even for large format CCD cameras
• improved fixing of the main mirror eliminating the so-called mirror shift
• ventilation openings at the back of the tuba with special filters to prevent dust entering
• equipped with a Fastar system allowing the CCD camera to be placed directly at the focal point of the telescope
• possibility of collimation without the use of tools

CGX assembly

The Celestron CGX paralactic assembly is the successor of the well-known and proven Celestron CGEM model. This is a modern German parallactic assembly with a GoTo system, capacity of 25 kilograms, compatible with the StarSense system and WiFi modules. The assembly was designed completely from scratch. We have a completely new drive available, free from play, without gears, completely based on belt transmissions. The used engines are characterized by higher speed, they ensure better work under increased loads. The engine drives the brass caliper directly with the toothed belt and transmits the drive to the cog wheel made of stainless steel. Mounting elements are connected by internal wiring, all ports are placed in a fixed manner, there is no risk of pulling the power cable due to the movement of the assembly axis. At the same time, the assembly is equipped with protections that prevent the optical tube from being hit on the tripod.

The assembly was equipped with sensors of the initial position enabling the telescope to be parked and its later start from the correct position. In cooperation with PlaneWave, new software has been developed that allows precise control of errors in the work of the parallactic head, ensuring very high precision of setting on objects, perfectly suited for astrophotographic applications.

From the mechanical side, a stronger tripod has been used. The position of the paraglider head relative to the tripod can be adjusted to better balance the set. The assembly can be used in the range of geographical widths from 3 to 65 degrees. Both Vixen tubes and CGE (Losmandy) tubes can be attached to the head, a saddle supporting both standards is used.

Montage against the predecessors is distinguished by ergonomics. Comfortable handles for carrying the head were used, large comfortable screws fixing dovetail in the saddle, the way of setting the axes to the blue pole was modernized.

A very practical change is the introduction of the USB port on the NexStar + remote control. This allows you to connect the assembly without the need for additional adapters as it has been so far. The telescope can be operated using the bundled software. Celestron CGX has two AUX ports for connecting additional devices and an Autoguider port. The assembly was equipped with a well-known GoTo NexStar + controller with a base of 40,000 objects.

Technical parameters

Optical tube
• Lens diameter: 203 mm
• focal length: 2032 mm
• lighted: f / 10
• maximum useful magnification: 480 times
• minimal useful magnification: 29 times
• material: aluminum (tube), glass (optics)
• length: 43 cm
• type of optical system: Schmidt-Cassegrain
• finder: 9x50
• star range: 14 magnitudes
• resolution: 0.69 "
• weight: 25 kg
• material: steel
• assembly: parallactic German
• Leg diameter: 2 "(50.8 mm)
• weight: 8.7 kg
• 25 mm Plossl (2 ") magnification 81 times

Weight : 34 kg