Meade LX90 GPS 12 (305 mm) telescope Advanced Coma Free opinie

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Meade LX90 GPS 12" (305 mm) telescope
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Meade LX90 GPS 12\" (305 mm) telescope
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Meade telescopes from the famous LX90 series have been renewed - their new release is a great return of classic telescopes with great optics and full computerized control. They are intended for demanding users, ideal for schools and educational institutions.
The ACF (Advanced Coma Free) construction guarantees very good performance in the field of visual observations as well as astrophotography (traditional and digital), while the telescopes of this series are characterized by relatively compact dimensions and a reasonable price.

The new LX90GPS can do more than just track satellites. He talks with them. When turned on, the built-in Sony GPS sensor precisely determines the date, time and coordinates of the observation site. The AutoAlign system will use this information to take you on a journey through space immediately. The legendary Schmidt-Cassegrain LX90 construction has been equipped with the latest electronic instrumentation. In a word - one of the best telescopes on the market.

AUTOALIGN - telescopes with the AutoAlign system do not require any astronomical and technical knowledge to set them and start searching for objects in the telescope database (over 30,000 objects). All you have to do is turn on the telescope and wait until it's pre-set to two reference bright stars. Each of them is visible in the finder and all you have to do is gently adjust the position of the telescope so that the stars are in the middle of the field of view.

QUALITY OPTICS LIMITED TO LIGHT DIFFRACTION - Meade company makes the utmost care to ensure that every specimen has the highest quality of optics.

Patented UHTC LAYERS - the guarantee of the highest optical efficiency of Meade telescopes.

MASTER MIRRORS MORE THAN DECLARATED E - only Meade installs in the telescopes the main mirrors larger than those specified in the technical specification (eg the main mirror diameter for the 8-inch LX90 is 8.25 inches - these extra quarter-inch diameter compensates for the secondary mirror's promise and gives an effective aperture not smaller than declared in the specification).

HIGH SPEED LOADS - LX90GPS moves between set positions (eg 2 stars) at a speed of 7 degrees per second. This is more than twice as fast as the solutions used by the competition. This means that during one observing session the LX90 will show 2-3 times more objects at the same time!

LX200 - SERIES TRIPOD - now the LX90GPS telescopes are sold with a very strong field rack known from the more expensive LX200 series telescopes.

SMART DRIVE - The Meade Autostar system provides Periodic Error correction. Thanks to this, the necessity to correct the guidance with long-time astrophotographic displays has been limited.

AUTOSTAR CONTROLLER - control software for your Meade telescope can be updated from the manufacturer's website - register to download the latest software versions, instructional videos and parameters of periodic objects (comets, satellites, newly discovered objects) - for FREE, of course.

8x50 finder - you can quickly and easily search for Deep Sky objects.


the planet
star clusters
PC control

Technical parameters of LX90 series models - summary

8 " 10 " 12 "
Optical construction ACF ACF ACF
Active aperture 203mm (8 ") 254mm (10 ") 305mm (12 ")
Focal length and light 2000mm f / 10 (8 ") 2500mm f / 10 (10 ") 3048mm f / 10 (12 ")
Optical layers MgF2 on the correction board (2 pages); standard aluminum on the main and secondary mirror
Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions of the optical tube (diameter x length) 23cm x 42.5cm 29.85cm x 55.9cm 34.5 cm x 63.5 cm
GPS Sony GPS Sony GPS Sony GPS
LNT module Patented technology for the North Pole with a level sensor and a high accuracy clock
Smart Finder collimator (Red Dot) collimator (Red Dot) collimator (Red Dot)
Riflescope 8x50 8x50 8x50
Assembly type forklift forklift forklift
Adjusting rings, RA and Dec. RA: 8 "; Dec: 5" RA: 8 "; Dec: 5" RA: 8 "; Dec: 5"
Accuracy of GO TO setting (approx.) 5 minutes of arc 5 minutes of arc 5 minutes of arc
Accuracy of setting in high precision mode 3 minutes of arc 3 minutes of arc 3 minutes of arc
micro-movements electric, in RA and Dec electric, in RA and Dec electric, in RA and Dec
# 497 AutoStar Hand Controller PIC 16C57 microcontroller; display 2 lines x 16 alphanumeric characters; 20-key keyboard, red backlight (LED)
Batteries 8 x AA 8 x AA 8 x AA
Approximate working time on one battery pack 60 hours 60 hours 60 hours
Built-in database of blue objects 30223 objects 30223 objects 30223 objects
Speeds of movement: RA and Dec: 1x, 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 128x ground speed and 1.5 ° / s, 3 ° / s, 6.5 ° / s
Tracking speed stellar, lunar, or chosen from 2000 degrees of growth
The material of the tube aluminum aluminum aluminum
Material of assembly castings aluminum aluminum aluminum
Main and secondary mirror Pyrex Pyrex Pyrex
Correction plate white optical glass white optical glass white optical glass
The weight of the telescope 15kg 23kg 27kg
The weight of the tripod 8,6kg 8,6kg 8,6kg
Tripod height: control
75 - 112cm
75 - 112cm
75 - 112cm

Note: currently LX 90 does not offer LNT technology


2 years

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