Antlia LRGB-V Pro 36 mm unmounted opinie

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Antlia LRGB-V Pro 36 mm unmounted
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414 EUR
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Antlia LRGB-V Pro 36 mm unmounted
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Antlia LRGB-V Pro L is a complete set of LRGB filters dedicated to use in professional astrophotographic sets equipped with monochrome cameras, both with CCD and CMOS matrix.

Each of the filters included in the set was made on a carefully selected substrate with a thickness of 2 mm, which guarantees not only adequate mechanical strength, but also full parafocalicity (in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation keep in mind temperature fluctuations and check focus approximately once an hour or two). In order to ensure the optimal transmission of spectral lines of key importance from the point of view of astrophotography, such as Hα, S II and O III, the designers put a lot of effort into appropriate selection of the width of the transmitted bands, as well as the intervals between them. Thanks to this, using the R filter, it was possible to achieve the permeability of the Hα and S II lines at the level of 95 percent. It is also extremely important that thanks to the overlapping of the B and G filters operation ranges, it was possible to double the recording efficiency of the O III line.

High optical efficiency is not the only special feature of Antlia LRGB-V Pro filters. The separation of the G and R channels blocks the main lines of light pollution emitted by sodium lamps, which in combination with multi-layer anti-reflective coatings make it possible to take vivid and contrasting shots even near large urban centers.

Attention! Antlia LRGB-V Pro filters are not recommended for use in visual observations.

The most important features of the Antlia LRGB-V Pro filter set

• professional astrophotographic filters with equal weights of R: G: B channels designed to work with CMOS and CCD sensors
• advanced multi-layer anti-reflective coating reducing secondary glare and the halo effect
• high transmission for the Hα, S II bands (R filter) and O III (B and G filters)
• high ability to block light pollution emitted by sodium lamps

Technical specifications

• type of filters: LRGB bandpass filters
• Filter diameter: 36 mm
• filter thickness: 2 ± 0.05 mm
• filter shape: round
• parfocalism: yes
• RGB channels weights: 1: 1: 1
• anti-reflective coating: full multi-layer coating (FMC)
• maximum transmission for filter L:> 95%
• transmission range for the L filter: 420 - 715 nm
• maximum transmission for the R filter: ~ 95%
• transmission range for the R filter: 600 - 710 nm
• maximum transmission for filter G: ~ 95%
• transmission range for the G filter: 480 - 580 nm
• maximum transmission for filter B: ~ 95%
• transmission range for the B filter: 420 - 520 nm
• blocking light pollution: sodium lamps (598 nm, 589.6 nm)
• surface quality index (acc. To MIL-O-13830 standard): 60/40
• parallelism: <30 "
• the execution accuracy (RMS): λ / 4 or better

Elements of the set

• Antlia LRGB-V Pro L filter (luminance)
• Antlia LRGB-V Pro R filter (red)
• Antlia LRGB-V Pro G filter (green)
• Antlia LRGB-V Pro B filter (blue)


Three-year manufacturer's warranty (applies to delamination of the filter and substrate)