William Optics Fluorostar 132 F/6,9 APO R&P37 grey (aka FLT 132; SKU: A-F132TGIV-RP37) opinie

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William Optics Fluorostar 132 F/6,9 APO R&P37 grey (aka FLT 132; SKU: A-F132TGIV-RP37)
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William Optics Fluorostar 132 F/6,9 APO R&P37 grey (aka FLT 132; SKU: A-F132TGIV-RP37)
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William Optics Fluorostar 132 F / 6.9 APO in the 2021 specification is already the fourth version of the instrument, the name of which is known to all professional astrophotographers around the world. The latest version of this model differs from its predecessor in the larger lift, currently 3.7 inches in diameter.

The optical system of this refractor is an apochromatic triplet with an air gap, the lenses of which are made of FPL-53 glass. This material, often referred to as synthetic fluorspar, is produced by the Japanese company Ohara and is now the gold standard when it comes to the production of the most advanced and the most advanced optics. This is mainly due to the very high Abbe number of 94.49, almost identical to the extremely difficult-to-process crystalline fluorspar. Additional coverage of all lenses with a multi-layer anti-reflective STM coating guarantees a sharp image with high contrast.

Due to the large diameter of the illumination disc, this refractor is an ideal device for use with cameras and SLR cameras equipped with a full-frame sensor and an APS-C matrix.

Attention! Due to the necessity to compensate for the influence of temperature, the refractors of the Fluorostar series are equipped with steel lens mounts. When preparing the telescope for storage, remove the lens hood and leave it for a while for the moisture inside to evaporate. Then place the instrument in a dry room at a constant room temperature to prevent possible corrosion centers on the lens mounts.

William Optics Fluorostar 132 F / 6.9 APO (gray) telescope highlights

• apochromatic triplet made of FPL-53 glass covered with a multi-layer anti-reflective STM coating
• exemplary reduction of chromatic aberration
• fixing elements made in CNC technology
• an enlarged 3.7 "rack & pinion focal point compared to its predecessor
• William Optics patented Bahtin mask design with handle
• full illumination circle guaranteeing complete coverage of the full-frame matrix

Technical specifications

• optical system: ED-APO apochromatic triplet with air gap
• Objective diameter: 132 mm
• focal length: 925 mm
• lighted: f / 6.9
• resolving power: 0.86 "
• maximum usable magnification: 264x
• lens material: FPL-53 glass (Ohara, Japan)
• anti-reflective coating: full STM multilayer coating
• diameter of full illumination wheel: 36 mm
• Compatible sensor sizes: APS-C, full frame
• compatible photographic systems (via interchangeable T-rings): Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Pentax, Micro 4/3, Fuji FX
• fokuser: 3.7 "
• type of eyepiece extractor: rack & pinion
• finder foot: Vixen
• mounting for mounting: Losmandy Dovetail
• tube length (folded): 780 mm
• tube length (extended): 1040 mm
• tube weight: 9 kg
• tube finish: white-gray

Kit components

• William Optics Fluorostar 132 F / 6.9 APO refractor (white-gray)
• the pupa
• Bahtinov's mask with its mount
• a lens cap
• Losmanda rail
• fastening clamps


24 months