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Fenix LR80R
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391 EUR
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Fenix LR80R
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Fenix LR80R is one of the most powerful searchlights available on the market, emitting a light beam with the intensity of 18,000 lumens, allowing to illuminate a distance of 1130 meters. These parameters classify this product as a professional tool intended, inter alia, for rescuers, uniformed and search services or cave explorers.

The light source is six Luminus SST70 diodes embedded in a smooth reflector. They are powered by a built-in 12000 mAh lithium-ion battery, which, thanks to the fast charging technology via the USB-C port, can be ready for operation after only four hours from being connected to the charger. The battery can also serve as a power bank, providing an emergency power source for a number of mobile devices.

The use of such a powerful flashlight is inextricably linked with the generation of a large amount of heat. In order to ensure the highest safety standards, the manufacturer used in this model not only a cooling system based on heat sinks, but also a number of electronic safety devices, among which one can distinguish a lock that prevents activation during transport and a circuit that reduces the power when the flashlight is brought closer to the surface of the illuminated object. Both of these systems guarantee minimizing the risk of accidental ignition of fire.

As befitting equipment for special tasks, the Fenix LR80R is characterized by the highest standard of workmanship. A carefully selected aluminum alloy with the designation A6061-T6 was used for the production of the body, developed for applications requiring excellent anti-corrosion properties and high strength. This material provides resistance to a fall from a height of 1 meter, and in combination with an additional seal, it allows for more than four hours of immersion of the flashlight up to a depth of 2 meters, which was confirmed by tests in accordance with ANSI / PLATO FL1 standards.

The most important features of the Fenix LR80R flashlight

• Luminus SST7 diodes providing a maximum luminous flux of 18,000 lm
• built-in 12000 mAh battery with the possibility of quick charging via the USB-C port
• electronic lock that prevents accidental activation of the flashlight during transport
• sensor that limits the power of the flashlight when it is brought closer than 60 mm from the lighted object
• Sealed body resistant to four hours of immersion to a depth of 2 meters

Technical specifications

• LEDs: Luminus SST70
• color temperature: 6000 K
• LED lifetime: 50 thousand hours
• reflector: smooth
• number of high-power continuous operation modes: 5 modes, 3000 ÷ 18000 lm
• number of low-power continuous operation modes: 3 modes, 50 ÷ 1000 lm
• number of blinking modes: 2 (strobe, SOS)
• maximum luminous flux in continuous operation: 18000 lm
• maximum luminous flux in the blinking mode: 6000 lm
• maximum range: 1130 m
• width of the light beam: 75 °
• power supply: built-in Li-ion battery, 7.2 V, 12000 mAh
• powerbank function: yes
• charging connectors: USB-C, USB
• fast charging: yes, 45 W (5 V, 2.4 A), USB-C
• maximum working time: 300 hours (50 lm)
• charge level indicator: yes, LED
• tube material: aluminum (A6061-T6 alloy)
• tube finish: black, anodized
• tube sealing: yes, IP68
• impact resistance: yes, drop from 1 m
• working temperature: -35 ° C ÷ 45 ° C
• protection against accidental start-up: yes, electronic
• automatic reduction of the light intensity: yes, 60 mm from the illuminated object
• possibility of mounting on a tripod: yes
• length: 259 mm
• body width: 54 mm
• head width: 108 mm
• weight: 1636 g

Elements of the set

• Fenix LR80R flashlight
• charger
• USB-C cable
• shoulder strap
• pendant to hang the flashlight
• spare o-ring
• operating manual
• Warranty Card


24-month distributor warranty + 60-month manufacturer's warranty