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Celestron NexStar Evolution 6 (SKU: 12090)
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Celestron NexStar Evolution 6 (SKU: 12090)
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NexStar Evolution is Celestron's most advanced line of telescopes, addressed to enthusiasts of nocturnal observations.

Nexstar Evolution telescopes have received a completely new alt-az assembly with new engines with higher precision than in the classic "Nexstar" and worm gearboxes on both axes.

The dual axle encoder system with large, comfortable room knobs allows you to manually rotate the telescope without losing orientation with respect to astronomical objects. The inaccuracy of searching and driving behind objects has been radically reduced.

Built-in, lightweight lithium-ion battery, very efficient also in winter conditions, allows you to work in the field for 10 hours, without the need to connect the mains power supply and free from the hassle of splitted cables. You can add seamless cooperation with the Starsense AutoAlign system.

However, the biggest novelty in the new version of Nexstar Evolution is the revolutionary way of controlling the telescope - wirelessly, through WiFi! Everything is done using a smartphone with the appropriate software provided by Celestron with a telescope. The software is rich in multimedia and allows you to realistically portray the appearance of the sky at any time.

Interesting things should also be mentioned in the red illuminated table for accessories. This table has 3 glasses, 1.25 ", 1 eyepiece 2" and space for various small accessories, and interestingly - it can also be used with a partial folding of the legs of the tripod.

Characteristics of the Evolution series

• Built-in WiFi - the telescope does not require a classic GoTo controller on the cable. All you have to do is install the included software on your smartphone or tablet to operate the telescope through a wireless network.

• Free Celestron software - allows you to get a realistic picture of the sky for a given moment, it also has many advanced options - among others it allows predicting moments of visibility of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, determines the transits of moons and for other objects - moments of mining, conjunctions, emergence and sunsets. The program prompts the observer with the most interesting nebular objects. In addition, many of the objects have extensive descriptions illustrated with beautiful photos.

• Long-life lithium-ion battery - it is charged with an external charger. The battery guarantees 10h of continuous work.

• Precisely made gears and modified engines - enable high precision of guidance. The squeegee gears are used both in the azimuth axis and in the height axis, which minimizes the backlash. This is a big improvement compared to the currently produced SE series

• SkyAlign - a simple method of setting the telescope based on three bright stars, not the sky.

• Attached NexStar + controller - although the telescope can be operated via WiFi for full functionality, Celestron's typical NexStar + telescope has also been added

• Improved tripod - all components of the tripod are made of metal, which significantly improves the load-bearing capacity and stability of the structure. On the legs of the tripod there are several markers that allow for easy leveling for different heights

• Quick folding and unfolding - all elements are screwed using comfortable screws with large handles. The telescope can be folded without using any tools in a very short time.

• 4 AUX ports - AUX ports allow you to connect additional devices for Evolution mounting. In particular, this port may be useful for connecting the StarSense system allowing automatic setting

• The power supply included - the telescope has a universal mains adapter that allows you to work with different supply voltages and different types of plugs. Power supply parameters: 12V 2.1A

• Table for accessories - allows you to attach 3 glasses 1.25 ", 1 eyepiece 2" as well as other accessories. The table does not have to be removed when folding the tripod legs.

Technical parameters
• Optical system: Schmidt-Cassegrain
• Aperture: 150 mm
• Coatings: StarBright XLT
• Focal mirror: F = 1500 mm
• Lighted: 1/10
• Useful magnification: 21 - 350x
• Glasses in the set: 40 mm (over 37.5x) and 13 mm (over 115x)
• Other accessories: 45 ° angle cap, star-pointer type finder (collimator)
• Switching capacity: 0.93 "
• Star range: 13.4 magnitude
• Mounting type: azimuthal alt-az with the GOTO system
• Tripod: steel, with a shelf for accessories
• Power supply: Power supply: built-in Li-Ion battery, charging via USB port, 12 V mains adapter (included)
• Secondary mirror construction: 56 mm
• Secondary mirror construction in relation to the lens diameter: 37%
• Secondary mirror construction in relation to the surface area of ••the collecting lens: 14%
• Optical tube material: aluminum
• Length of the optical tube: 40.6 cm
• Mounting the optical tube to the tripod: integrated dovetail
• Wi-Fi control YES (built-in network)
• Communication ports 1 remote control port, three AUX ports
• Database of objects: over 120,000
• Total weight: 16 kg


the planet
star clusters
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2 years

(note: below the photo of the 8 "version)


This device focuses a lot of light. Looking directly at the sun through this device can result in partial or complete loss of vision. For the observation of the Sun, we recommend the safest method of spectacle projection, that is, projecting the image of the target of our day star on a piece of paper.




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