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Sky-Watcher Evoguide guider and viewfinder
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Sky-Watcher Evoguide guider and viewfinder
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A small refractor with a 50 mm lens diameter and 242 mm focal length, equipped with an excellent lens built using low-dispersion FPL53 type glass. This telescope can be easily mounted to the finder foot of a larger telescope, it can be used as a finder, guider, as a wide-angle telescope for photographing the sky or direct observation in an extremely wide field of view.

• High quality astrophotography guider - equipped with autoguider it is suitable for telescopes with apertures up to 10 inches
• High quality finder that allows direct discovery and identification of nebular objects (after being equipped with an eyepiece with a cross)
• As an astrophotographic refractor for use with cameras with a small sensor. The refractor ensures short exposure times thanks to f / 4.8 light, it works great with sensors below 15 mm
• Convenient wide-angle refractor - ordinary 1.25 "eyepieces are sufficient to obtain wide images, for example a Plossl eyepiece with a focal length of 32 mm will give a field of view of 6,6 degrees

Telescope properties
• Perfect correction of chromatic aberration thanks to the 2-element lens made of ED FPL-53 glass
• 1.25 "helical lift with eyepiece mount and T-2 thread
• Standard 20mm backfocus, after removing the backfocus back extension up to 60mm, sufficient for use with SLRs
• Fastening to the finder foot with 6 positioning screws included
• At 800 g, this telescope is slightly heavier than a standard finder and does not significantly change the center of gravity
• 1.25 "paraphocal ring allows you to set a comparable focus point for the eyepiece and autoguider, it helps to find and set the right star for guiding


60 months






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