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Pulsar Thermion XM50
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Pulsar Thermion XM50
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The new Pulsar Thermion thermal vision sights are the successor to the proven Pulsar Trail sights. These are the first thermal imaging sights to combine modern thermal imaging technology with the traditional look of a daytime scope. All elements are electronically built into the classic body, buttons and knobs are placed in a discreet way in places where the reticle and illumination adjustment turrets are normally located.

The XM50 model is built based on a transducer with a small pixel with a diagonal of 12 µm and 320x240 pixel. Combined with a 50mm lens, the Thermion XM50 offers the greatest range of any device manufactured by Pulsar. With the 50mm f / 1.2 lens used, it can detect warm objects at a distance of up to 2,300 meters. The combination of a small microbolometer size (XM type with 320x240 resolution, 12 µm technology) and a large focal length of the lens results in a large optical magnification of 5.5x. Quadruple digital zoom allows you to further scale the image to an magnification of 22x.

The most important features of Pulsar Thermion:

  • Easily mounted on a weapon

The body of the device is built on a standard 30mm tube, thanks to which the mounting on the weapon is simple and quick.

  • Modern microbolometer

Pulsar Thermion XM 50 is equipped with a modern 320x240 sensor with a unique pixel size of 12 µm .

  • Quick start

The startup time has been reduced to 3 seconds compared to the older sights.

  • High mechanical resistance: 6000J

Yukon / Pulsar products are the only ones that provide resistance to large calibers - they can be freely used on weapons with caliber 375H&H or 9.3x64. Most of the competing products are recommended for a maximum caliber of .308 Win

  • 4x digital zoom

Pulsar Thermion XM50 offers a digital zoom up to 4x, thanks to which we have a magnification from 5.5x to 22x.

  • Water resistance

The device is IPX7 waterproof, which means that it is completely waterproof (immersion in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)

  • Simple operation

Intuitive operation , combined with modern technology, gives us an effective, but also comfortable to use infrared sight.

  • Target nets

Termion is equipped with electronically displayed reticles. The internal memory contains 10 types with different shapes in 4 different colors . Thanks to this, we can choose the optimal mesh for the existing conditions.

  • Built-in video / photo recorder with 16 GB memory

The viewfinder has a built-in video and photo recorder with a capacity of 16 GB. The microUSB port allows you to transfer recordings from the Imager to a computer.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi module, Polish-language Stream Vision application.

Thermion thermal imagers can communicate with external mobile devices on which, using the free , dedicated Polish - language StreamVision application, you can view the image, control the functions of the thermal imager, and even transmit live via YouTube.

  • Powered by two independent B-Pack Mini batteries
In order to extend the working time, Thermion is equipped with two batteries : one is built into the body, the other can be quickly and easily replaced at any time. You can also use a classic power bank for power supply.

  • Display OFF

The "Display OFF" function instantly turns on / off the display without turning off the device, which saves battery energy and makes it easier to remain unnoticed in the dark.

  • Frost-proof AMOLED display with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels

The high resolution HD display (1024x768 pixels) , combined with high resistance to extreme temperatures, ensures that the device will not disappoint us even in the most difficult conditions

  • Extreme range

The use of high-quality germanium optics ensures a detection range (depending on the version) up to 2300m (XM50)

  • Five individual ballistic profiles - each with 10 distances

Thanks to five profiles, we can use the sight on various weapons, and thanks to the distance memory, we can easily change the distance of the shot.

  • Picture in Picture mode

The "Picture in Picture" mode allows you to enlarge the central part of the picture in a specially displayed window. The additional window only takes up 10% of the total display area.

  • Color palettes

Now, also in the thermal imaging sights, different color palettes of the image are available - the user has 8 versions at his disposal.

  • Wide temperature range

Thermion sights can be used at any time of the year - the device operates in the range from -25 to +50 degrees Celsius.

  • Stadiametric rangefinder

Thanks to the stadiometric rangefinder, we can easily determine the distance to a target of a known size.