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Monokular termowizyjny AGM ASP Micro TM160 thermal monocular
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Monokular termowizyjny AGM ASP Micro TM160 thermal monocular
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The AGM Asp-Micro TM160 thermal imaging monocular is a compact night vision camera, equipped with a 160 × 120 sensitive thermal sensor, Wi-Fi module, easy-to-read display and a built-in video recorder.

The AGM Asp-Micro TM160 model belongs to a series of light and compact tactical cameras designed for uniformed services, security agencies and hunters looking for a reliable device for observing animals.

The camera has a light, durable and weatherproof construction (protection class IP67), which allows the device to be used in a wide temperature range from -30 ° C to 55 ° C.

Such functionality influences the wide possibilities of using the camera, among others for observation and reconnaissance of the area, night hunting, wildlife observation and monitoring of properties and objects.

Optical system
The AGM Asp-Micro TM160 uses a 720 × 540 display, an uncooled 160 × 120 thermal sensor and a 6.2 mm lens.

The use of a sensitive sensor enables efficient observation even in complete darkness. The monocular also has the function of detecting hot spots (hot spots) with the highest temperature.

The detection range of the Imager is about 228 m, detailed recognition up to 114 m.

Thanks to the excellent parameters of the F / 1.1 light and the good refresh rate of 50 Hz, the generated image is bright, full of details and smooth (no frame effect).

The user can enjoy long distance observation with the digital zoom with 3 settings: 1 ×, 2 × and 4 ×.

A function particularly useful for hunters and uniformed services is the ability to precisely define the distance to the target and a color palette that allows the color of the image to be adjusted to one's own situations and environmental conditions.

The device is powered by an integrated li-ion battery that provides up to 7 hours of operation (Wi-Fi and hotspot off). The built-in USB-C socket ensures a quick charging process.

Multimedia functions
The AGM Asp-Micro TM160 thermal imaging monocular has a built-in video recorder, thanks to which we can record important hunting moments, fleeting moments of wildlife observation, as well as collect evidence material.

The files are saved in the internal memory of the device (8 GB). The user can also at any time send the saved files to the smartphone, using for this purpose the Wi-Fi module and a dedicated application.

Technical parameters and features

• construction: uncooled thermovision monocular
• sensor resolution: 160 × 120 pixels
• display resolution: 720 × 540 pixels
• refresh: 50 Hz
• lens: 6.2 mm
• detection range: 228 m
• recognition range: 114 m
• field of view: 15.5 ° x 11.7 °
• hot spot detection: yes
• 4 color palettes: Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Fusion
• built-in WiFi module and video recorder,
• built-in memory: yes, 8 GB
• resistance to moisture and shock: IP67
• charging: USB-C, up to 7 hours of continuous operation, built-in battery
• dimensions: 161 × 61 × 57 mm
• weight: 270 g


24 months