Spinor ADVANCED 40-400x school and lab microscope educational opinie

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Spinor ADVANCED 40-400x school and lab microscope
Availability: product is not availabe at the moment - please contact us (kontakt@teleskopy.pl) in order to obtain information on availability time

Spinor ADVANCED 40-400x school and lab microscope
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The Spinor Advanced microscope is a transmission microscope designed for biological research. It is a microscope with very good parameters at an affordable price. The microscope is especially dedicated to the laboratories of secondary, junior high and elementary schools. It is equipped with three achromatic standard lenses with magnification of 4x, 10x and 40x, which in combination with a wide-angle 10x eyepiece (exchangeable) enables you to achieve 40x, 100x and 400x magnification. This set of enlargements is universal in most biological and educational applications.

Lenses and sockets of the revolving barrel have a standard M20 thread, therefore lenses with different magnifications can be used.

The microscope is equipped with a cross table and macro and micro focusing control.

An additional advantage of the microscope is lighting in the form of a 1-watt LED of the second generation with a pleasant, balanced white light. The intensity of the light is regulated by means of the knob placed in the base.

Technical data

• Magnification: 40-400x
• Eyepiece: 10x WF, 23 mm
• Achromatic lenses: 4x, 10x 40x DIN
• Lighting: second generation LED, 1 W
& Bulll; Macro and micrometer adjustment


• mono-eyepiece head
• cross table with the possibility of disassembly
• LED backlight with a collector lens
• smooth regulation of light intensity
• a permanent condenser built into the table
• circle with aperture diaphragms
• 230 V AC power cord
• case


2 years

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