Fenix LR40R torch handheld opinie

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Fenix LR40R torch
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230 EUR
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Fenix LR40R torch
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Fenix LR40R is the new brightness leader of the Fenix brand, a professional flashlight for exploration and search, whose total stream is 12,000 lumens and has a range of over 770 m!


LR40R is the latest searchlight in the Fenix brand offer, which combines impressive light parameters as well as small size and weight.

The body with a length of 154 mm is made of aviation aluminum finished in the HAIII anodizing process, forming a durable protective coating with high resistance to scratches and abrasion.

The transverse grooving of the head acts as a heat sink, which is designed to remove excess heat, emitted by a set of 19 LED emitters. The massive head is finished with an elevated steel ring allowing for vertical positioning of the flashlight without the risk of damaging the optical system. Body milling improves the grip and grip of the flashlight and gives it a modern style. Thanks to the flat base, the flashlight can be placed vertically ("candle" function) and efficiently illuminate the interior of the object being explored.

At the back there is a hook for attaching a leash or a safety rope.

LED emitters

The flashlight's impressive parameters were achieved thanks to the use of two groups of emitters, i.e. 18 Cree XP-G3 diodes (max. 11,000 lumens) responsible for diffused light and 1 Cree XP-L HI diodes (max. 1,000 lumens) creating focused light.

The user has the option of switching on all emitters thus obtaining light with a total stream of 12,000 lumens and a working range of up to 773 m! In addition, the user has the ability to adjust the brightness level and type of light to suit your needs and location.

Focus light modes

high: 1000 lumens
medium: 350 lumens
low: 150 lumens
eco: 50 lumens

Stray light modes

turbo: 11,000 lumens
high II: 6000 lumens
high and 3000 lumens
average: 1,000 lumens
low: 350 lumens
strobe: 3000 lumens
SOS: 350 lumens

Hardened glass with 98% transmittance was covered with anti-reflective coating, thus limiting light losses to a minimum. The flashlight's amazing capabilities allow it to be used for search and rescue, exploration and extreme tourism as well as for monitoring facilities.


The flashlight is distinguished by a very simple and convenient interface. Separate steel buttons with high responsiveness and resistance to mechanical damage are used to activate and change the focused and diffused light modes.

The location of the switches on the side of the flashlight (under the thumb) makes the use and change of light parameters very intuitive and convenient.

The Fenix LR40R also has a lock function that protects against uncontrolled turning on of light during transport. To do this, simultaneously press and hold the switches for 3 seconds. Disabling the lock requires the same steps.

A big convenience is the LED indicator informing about the battery charge status, activated by a single click on any switch (flashlight off).

Indicator markings

4 LEDs light up: 100-80%
3 LEDs light up: 80-60%
2 LEDs light up: 60-40%
1 LED light: 40-20%
1 flashing LED: 20-0%


Fenix LR40R is powered by a powerful 12,000 mAh battery pack, on which the flashlight can work up to 4 days in ecco mode (50 lumens) or 45 minutes in turbo mode (11,000 lumens).

Thanks to the USB-C port and support for QC3.0 and QC2.0 quick charge protocols, such a large capacity battery can be charged in just 3.5 hours (5V 3A power adapter required).

The flashlight also uses a standard USB socket, so the Fenix LR40R can act as a spare power bank, allowing you to quickly charge your smartphone or other device.

The manufacturer also provided an alternative form powered by 18650 batteries (no turbo mode). The sockets are protected against moisture, rain and dust by means of tight rubber plugs.

Additional features

For the sake of safety and proper functioning, the Fenix LR40R has overheating protection, reverse polarity protection and low battery warning.

The flashlight has a high degree of protection IP68, which means that it is completely resistant to dust and dirt, small solids, full immersion in water (for 30 minutes to a depth of 2 m) and a fall from 1 meter.

All light parameters and flashlight durability are in accordance with ANSI / PLATO FL1 standards.

The presented parameters were obtained in laboratory conditions. The Fenix ARB-L37-12000 battery was used during tests.

Technical specifications

• maximum luminous flux: 12,000 lumens
• maximum range: 773 m
• maximum working time: 92 h 18 min
• tightness class: IP68
• power supply: Fenix ARB-L37-12000 or 18650 × 4
• charging: via USB-C port
• body: anodized duralumin
• case: from cordura
• bowstring: yes
• length: 154 mm
• head diameter: 80 mm
• body diameter 51 mm
• weight: 500 g (without batteries)


60 months + additional 6 months after registration

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