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FLIR Scout TK thermal imaging camera

Zagrożenie epidemiologiczne - informacja
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FLIR Scout TK thermal imaging camera
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Flir TK Scout series is a breakthrough device, a revolution on the thermal imaging market - the first camera so affordable, that it is equipment for almost everyone, and at the same time offering many unique usable features.

The latest Flir camera has been equipped with a 160 × 120 detector with refreshment of 9 Hz, supported by the FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement technology. The image is shown without magnification and displayed on the built-in LCD screen 640 × 480 px. This solution is avoided by combining the image from the thermal imager with a higher resolution image, so that the final image is of very good quality.

Flir Scout TK allows you to take photos and record videos from the observations.

There are as many as seven different ways of thermal visualization available: BH (black hot) WH (white hot), InstAlert, Rainbow, Iron, Lava, Arctic & Graded Fire

Scout TK can be used day and night, winter and summer - any time of the day or year. It has been prepared to work in a wide range of thermal conditions - from -20 ° to 40 ° C. Durable fall on a hard surface with 2 m and is completely dustproof.

The Flir Scout TK thermal imager weights only 170 grams (including the battery), the length is 10 cm. Its housing has been covered with rubber and plastic, the whole meets the IP67 standard. The rubber eyepiece fits tightly on the face. A very easy-to-use control panel has been placed on the body's casing - it is easy to handle it with one hand. Built-in lithium-ion battery allows for uninterrupted operation up to 5 hours, while charging is trouble free thanks to the common microUSB standard.


• fishing groups - control of ponds, water reservoirs
• construction - thermal control after the execution of buildings
• outdoor or outdoor games
• border guards
• Police
• industry
• thinking - tracking animals by paint, detection of individuals in difficult terrain
• protection - detection of uninvited guests outside and inside buildings

Elements of the set

• Flir Scout TK thermal imaging camera
• neck strap
• USB cable
• lens cover
• instruction



Technical parameters
• Resolution: 160x120 detector, 640 × 480 px image resolution
• Refreshing: <9 Hz
• Field of view: 20 ° (horizontal) x 16 ° (vertical)
• Working temperature range: from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C
• Human detection range (1.8 mx 0.5 m): not less than 100 meters
• Vehicle detection range: not less than 300 meters
• Leakproofness: IP-67 (dustproof protection, protection against the effects of short immersion in water - up to 30 minutes to a depth of 0.15 m above the top of the housing)
• Stamina: fall from height up to 2 meters
• On time: <5 seconds
• Battery: built-in, lithium-ion
• Work time: above 5 hours
• Dimensions: 101.6 × 3.81 × 3.81 mm
• Weight: 170 g (including battery)


2 years

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