Bushnell ELITE ED 8-40x60 tan / brown (780840) other scopes opinie

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Bushnell ELITE ED 8-40x60 tan / brown (780840)
Availability: product is not availabe at the moment - please contact us (kontakt@teleskopy.pl) in order to obtain information on availability time

Bushnell ELITE ED 8-40x60 tan / brown (780840)
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The Bushnell Elite ED is an extremely professional looking observation telescope that allows you to observe even in difficult weather conditions and inconvenient lighting. Quality that Bushnell's competition is not able to offer at this price.

Bushnell Elite ED 8-40x60 TAN observation telescope offers the observer a variable magnification in the range of 8 to 40x and a lens diameter of 60 mm. All elements of the optical system of the telescope were closed in a durable tube, which from the outside was covered with a layer of protective rubber. This solution, in combination with the gasket system, makes the device completely water-resistant, so it can be used in heavy rain or snow. In addition, the outer rubber layer protects the telescope from damage resulting from everyday use.

The attention is also drawn to the double sharpening system, which allows for quick or very precise adjustment. The minimum sharpening distance from 12.7 m!

Technologies used

• FMC (Fully Multi Coated): all air-to-glass surfaces have been repeatedly coated with anti-reflective coatings, thus minimizing unwanted reflection and light loss through the optical system. In the Legend Ultra HD lens, the innovative Ultra Wide Band coatings developed by Bushnell are individual, multiple coverage of each lens, which in addition to minimizing light loss ensures the accuracy of color reproduction in the entire visible spectrum.
• BaK-4 glass: the highest quality optical glass from which the prisms used in the telescope were made. BaK-4 glass prisms offer brightness and clarity of the image at a level unattainable for optical instruments that use cheaper Bk-7 glass.
• ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass: special glass with low light-disintegration coefficient. Lenses made of it provide images of above-average resolution and contrast, and at the same time virtually eliminate chromatic aberration, visible in less advanced binoculars as characteristic violet or yellow color anomalies at the edges of observed objects.
• RainGuard HD: a hydrophobic coating on the outer lenses to prevent water droplets from forming, making it easier to observe even in the rain. This technology also helps to prevent the condensation of steam coming from our breath.
• Water Proof: the telescope tube has been filled with dry nitrogen and sealed with O-rings, which prevents the lens from inner fogging, and also makes the telescope resistant to rain, dust and temporary immersion.

Warning! The telescope is offered without a tripod. The mounting rail placed under the tube is compatible with most standard photographic tripods and tripods.

Technical data

• magnification: 8-40x
• Lens diameter: 60 mm
• field of view (1000 m) 83 m @ 8x, 16 m @ 40x
• Excavation: 5 mm @ 8x, 1.5 mm @ 40x
• offset of the exit dust: 30 mm
• minimum observation distance: 12.7 m
• prismatic system: porro
• optical glass: BaK-4 / ED
• coatings: Ultra Wide Band
• length: 323 mm
• weight: 1053 g